Monday, September 26, 2016

5 Lipsticks to Try for Fall 2016

Vancouver's dreary weather makes me really wish to get summer back! But one good thing about fall is switching up my lipstick game! Luckily there's been a ton of new releases on the market. I've pulled together a variety of shades and finishes for the top 5 lipsticks to try out in Fall 2016!

1) Stila Stay All Day Matte'ificient Lipstick- $29
Shade: mon ami

Stila has some great products under their "Stay All Day" line up and this new addition introduces 12 French inspired shades. The one I have in mon ami is a plummy brown and so trendy for fall! The color is extremely pigmented and gives full coverage on the lips. The lipstick contains Argan Oil, Castor Oil and Vitamin E to moisturize. I don't think this dries out the lips, but it doesn't look very good over any dryness on the lips. It's very comfortable to wear, but make sure you prep your lips as flakes will cling.

2) Paul & Joe Lipstick- $21
Shade: Autumn Sun + Tom & Jerry lipstick case $7

Paul & Joe always come up with the cutest packaging and this is no exception. They recently released a line up of cases featuring Tom & Jerry and also Looney Tunes. These are definitely going to sell out quick so make sure you check with your local Shoppers Beauty Boutique to see if they stock them.

The lipstick itself is part of the A Stroll in the Park collection for fall 2016. There are three shades available and all are limited edition. The shade I have in Autumn Sun is a warm burnt orange. The color has a medium pigmentation with a glossy finish. There is a light rose scent to the product that lingers for a little while. It's very comfortable to wear and the product almost feels like a lip balm!

3) Teeez Cosmetics Desert Lush Sheer Lipstick- $24
Shade: Bloodstone Burgundy

Teeez is a new brand that recently launched in Canada and they have some of the prettiest packaging on their lip products. The Desert Lush sheer lipstick has a bit more pigmentation than the name may suggest. It gives off a good coverage with a glossy finish. This shade is a great every day shade for me as it's just a bit darker than my natural lip color. There is also a light vanilla scent that reminds me of MAC products and I really like it!


4) The Estee Edit Barest Lipstick- $26
Shade: Exposed

Not every fall shade needs to be dark and bold. I decided to include this one on the list as it's a much more wearable every day color especially if you want to go heavier on the eyes for makeup. Estee Edit launched earlier this year focusing on a younger demographic. This lipstick has sheer pigmentation but is very creamy and comfortable to use. Even though I have pretty pigmented lips, these still cover the red and creates a nude lip look. 

There are six shades in total and this one is the 3rd lightest. Each of them has a sheer color pay off and nice glossy finish.

5) Mary Kay Semi-Matte Lipstick- $21
Shade: Midnight Red

I recently tried out Mary Kay makeup for the first time and I was very impressed with their range of lipsticks. This finish gives off a matte look without looking flat. There is a bit of a reflection so it gives more dimension to the lip. The colors are extremely pigmented so you'll get full coverage! The product isn't drying when you first wear it, but if you want to wear it continuously, I would layer it with lip balm.

Midnight Red is the deepest shade in their collection and is a dark red with brown undertones.

Top to Bottom: Stila Stay All Day Matteificient, Paul & Joe Lipstick, Teeez Desert Lush Lipstick, Estee Edit the Barest Lipstick, Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick

Which one of these do you like the best? What's your go to lip product for fall?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Shoppers Drug Mart Top Picks #SDMTopPicks

Shoppers Drug Mart is where I started all of my beauty adventures. I remember going to Shoppers to browse the makeup and personal care aisles even in elementary school. This fall, Shoppers created a list of Top Picks to introduce some of the best sellers, new finds, and hidden gems on their shelves. It's also an opportunity to score some big bonus Optimum points! I was so excited to be contacted to work together on their Top Picks opportunity.

During the weekend, there were interactive events in malls throughout Canada and I attended one at Richmond Center. At the event, guests were able to play the Vanity Memory game for a chance to win a $5,000 dream vanity! You were given 15 seconds to glimpse into the vanity and try to remember as many products as you can! It was a really fun and easy way to get passerby shoppers involved.

Although the event is now over, you can still get in on the fun by checking out the list of Top Picks items to see how you can discover the best products to pamper you from head to toe. Or, head to Pacific Center September 23-25 for another chance to play the Vanity Memory Game! Shoppers has such a full range of personal care products from skincare to haircare to personal hygiene, so you are sure to find everything you need in one go! With the bonus Optimum offers, I was excited to stock up my vanity with some items from the Top Picks list.  

New Find- Crest ProHealth [HD] Toothpaste System
$12.99 and 1,500 bonus Optimum Points

I'm always trying to find ways to whiten my teeth. I've previously used Crest whitestrips and they work quite well but are very expensive and also needs to stay in your mouth for ~30 minutes. For something that's more convenient for every day use, I decided to gives this Crest ProHealth HD Toothpaste system a try. You use the toothpaste (step 1) normally in your routine and add in 1 minute brushing with a whitening gel.

The whitening gel has the same taste as the Crest whitestrips so I have high hopes for this to lighten up some of my stains and brighten my smile!

Top Seller- Gillette Venus Swirl Razor
$14.99 and 1,500 bonus Optimum points

I am so excited to treat myself to a nice razor. The Venus Swirl razor has a Flexiball which will make it easier to follow the curves of your body. This package comes with 2 cartridges and you can then purchase more without having to replace the handle. A nice razor really makes the whole shaving experience less stressful as I found out when I switched razors last year to something more fancy. So if you've always stuck to the normal 2 or 3 blade razors, give the fancy ones a try!

Hidden Gem- Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures
$6.99 and 2,000 bonus Optimum points when purchasing 3 Garnier Whole Blends products

Garnier released a whole new line of hair care earlier this year and I've tried the hydrating line up. All the products are paraben free and also environmentally friendly. The Whole Blends promise ensures each product is great for your hair, improves communities and helps the preservation of the environment. This one is a repairing shampoo so I'm looking forward to some good hydration and protection! It also smells delicious!

There's quite a few other products selected and you can check them all out at Shoppers Drug Mart. Each of these products has additional Optimum point offers involved! You can easily score 8,000 points which is enough for a $10 redemption value!

The event is happening at Shoppers Drug Mart locations until October 7th. This is a fantastic opportunity to load up on bonus Optimum Points as well as discover new items for fall to stock up your vanity! You can also search up #SDMTopPicks on social media to see what other people have picked up.

What type of products do you get from Shoppers? Are you an Optimum points collector?

This blog post was sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart Top Picks but the opinions are all my own.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mary Kay Fall 2016 Collection Full Review & Swatches

Mary Kay is an iconic makeup brand but I've always associated it with telemarketers and never gave them a second look.  Although I'm not much of a fan of multi-level marketing, I was intrigued to test out the products. They launched quite a few new products from their Fall 2016 collection and I've found a couple of items I really like!

The Fall 2016 collection is called Runway Bold and features intense shadows, metallic liners and high gloss lacquers.

Mary Kay Eye Color Palette- $26

There are five shades in this palette in a mix of gold and blue. There's been so many neutral palettes released recently so I was excited to see something so different. All of the shades are extremely pigmented! However all of the shades are shimmery or glittery so it's difficult to complete a full look for every day use. Also because the shadows contain so much glitter and shimmer, it's not as creamy to the touch and I did experience some fall out during application.

I love the bold color combinations and awesome pigmentation. But a couple of points deducted for fall out during application and needing to add in other shadows to complete a look.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Must Have Fall Outerwear (Trench, Rain, Leather)

Vancouver weather is always super unpredictable so it's good to get the fall jackets out nice and early. I actually had this post idea last year but didn't have enough time to find the links and photos to put it together. So I want to make sure this gets out before fall really hits.

Here are my top picks on must haves and some links to where you can find alternatives!

1) Trench Coat

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Medium Light Review

Urban Decay is one of my favorite high end brands and the Naked palette and the Naked foundation are two of my holy grail items! I've heard tons of hype about the Naked Skin concealer so I bought this last year when I wanted to experiment with new concealers. 

On a side note, have you heard about Urban Decay's new store in Metrotown?! It's the first free standing store in Canada so be sure to check it out if you are shopping at Metrotown.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Makeup Revolution Launches at London Drugs

Canada is getting a super exciting makeup launch in London Drugs this fall with the release of Makeup Revolution in stores! I've been testing out quite a few of their palettes so let's see if you can find a new favorite!