Thursday, October 19, 2017

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar and Glow Drops

A few years ago, I tried a Philosophy moisturizer but it broke me out immediately. Since then, I haven't touched any products from them until I recently received the Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar and the matching Glow Drops to try out.

My skin was feeling pretty good in the summer time so I decided to give Philosophy another go. The packaging really intrigued me even though it was so simple. The Renewed Hope in a Jar moisturizer comes in a frosted clear acrylic jar and printed with simple black font. There is 60mL in the jar and retails for $54.

The formula is quite lightweight and blends out extremely easily. It dries down pretty fast so you can definitely use this in the mornings as well before your makeup routine. On the jar it says it's a refreshing & refining moisturizer which I don't really know what that means. But, boy is this moisturizer effective! I applied this one night and immediately the morning after, I woke up with very smooth skin! There are a lot of products that don't seem to do much, but I was very happy with the texture of my skin the next morning.The areas around my nose and under my lips that usually have bumpiness was all smooth!

I have continuously used this for about a month now with great results! However, the weather is changing and my skin is feeling extra dry. Unfortunately I don't think this cream is hydrating enough, so I'll probably have to put it away until I go on a tropical vacation or next summer. But if you have normal or even oily skin, I think this would be a fantastic option in the winter time!

Within the same Renewed Hope in a Jar line, Philosophy came out with Glow Drops which is an instant radiance ampoule. It is a hybrid product that is both skincare and makeup. You can either wear it alone, mixed with your moisturizer, or with a foundation. I've only tried this a few times as I've seen these products before and you risk looking like a glitter ball. I'm happy to report that you get a glow but there is no glitter.

However, it's still not really a product I'd gravitate towards. After applying to your face, your hands do get pretty shiny so you'll have to scrub them to avoid getting glow on  your brushes or other parts of your makeup. There are also skin care benefits though as it has fruit extracts and other ingredients to improve the look of skin.

If you are curious to try it, it retails for $42 and is available at Sephora, Hudson's Bay and Shoppers across Canada. There's also a holiday kit right now that contains both these products for $47 which is a great deal if you are looking to try them out!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

How Deep Can You Go? Fall 2017 Lipstick Must Haves

I've been doing Fall lip round up for a couple of years now as I love bold lips and fall is the perfect season for it! This year though, my picks are the deepest, boldest colors I have! The products I picked for this post might not be your every day lip color but I do think these are awesome for going out or a special event! Out of the 5, 3 are from the drugstore so there's definitely a good range of prices in this list to make it accessible to everyone!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Body Shop Spa of the World- French Grape Seed Scrub and Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream

The Body Shop is well known for their body butters and you might remember their classic scents like Satsuma, Grapefruit, Coconut and Shea. Recently though they've been innovating and coming up with very unique launches such as the Spa of the World collection. These products use ingredients from exotic places and create a ritual to pamper yourself at home!

I received two products to test out from the new Spa of the World line up. The products in the collection sound so amazing and makes me want to travel around the world ASAP. For example, Egyptian Milk & Honey Bath, Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil, and Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Vancouver Spas: Lumiere Skin Health & Wellness Centre + Giveaway

I'm back with another review of a Vancouver Spa! This time I received a facial from Lumiere Skin Health & Wellness Centre. The spa is owned by Marvice who also did my facial for me. I believe she personally does all the facials so you can be sure to get a consistent experience. I had a fantastic time so read on for my experience and a chance for you to win a facial too!

The Location
Lumiere is located on Granville and Pender pretty close to the skytrain station. However, the spa isn't at street level so it's really hard to find unless you know you are going there. It is inside a building on the 4th floor. The whole building smells amazing though because of the aromatherapy from Lumiere!

Once you walk in, you'll see a beautifully decorated waiting area in white and purple. There is a selection of products you can purchase as well.

They specialize in facials and aromatherapy massages. Marvice currently offers 10 different types of facials with a lot of them focusing on anti-aging. We decided on the RVB Skin Lab Oxygen + Detox facial as the best treatment. The facials range from 40-90 minutes and costs $79-$209. There's definitely a big range of pricing based on the type of facial.

My Experience
The first thing I noticed was that Marvice was very interested in getting to know me and my skin concerns. Usually you just fill in the form at a Spa with your personal details and you are not sure if anyone even reads it. At Lumiere, Marvice sat down with me and went through each of the questions.

Then we went to the treatment room where she performed the full suite of facial procedures. Side note, the spa bed she had was amazing!! The bed can be adjusted so she tilted the area under the knee up so it supports your legs and also the bed was warmed!!

The facial came with the full suite of procedures including first cleaning with cleansing milk. Something different that Marvice does is using a cold towel after a hot towel. Although it's not as comfortable to have cold towel on your face it does wonders to close off your pores and it makes the treatment more effective! It reminds me of the Scandanive spa theory of alternating hot and cold.

Then she gave me a skin analysis and provided advice to wear more sunscreen. I had several rounds of cleansing followed by toning, and exfoliating with a chemical gel product. During the exfoliation, she put a steamer by my face and it felt so great! That was my first time experiencing that. Once that was all done, she also followed it up with a sheet mask and finally moisturization. During any downtime she provided an arm/hand massage.

The entire facial took over 1.5 hours even though it was only suppose to be 60 minutes! I'm sure we've all been to those massages/facials when you're like there's still 7 minutes left, where's the rest of my treatment!? But this won't happen at Lumiere as Marvice really takes her time to give the perfect service!

Now you heard about my experience, it's time for the giveaway! Use the rafflecopter below to enter! Good luck!

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

London Drugs Huge Beauty Haul- What You can Find!

What do you go to London Drugs for? I used to go there whenever I wanted to develop my photos! But now, I'll be going there to shop for makeup! You may not think of London Drugs as the place to go for makeup and skincare but they actually have quite the selection including many brands that are exclusive to the chain. I recently went to the Granville street location in Vancouver which has a great beauty area and found some awesome new products to try!

*This post was made in collaboration with London Drugs, I received a gift card to purchase these products*

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Nude

A new season always brings me to try new fragrances. The newest release from Givenchy is all about being delicate and mimicking your own skin. Dahia Divin Eau de Parfum Nude is touted as the quintessence of delicateness and is described as a radiant and caressing fragrance. It is definitely difficult to describe a perfume over the internet but hopefully this post will inspire you to smell it at your nearest store.

The bottle is delicate and so beautiful. Both the label and the perfume liquid is in a rosey nude shade which fits the theme perfectly. There's also gold detailing around the neck that adds a bit of luxury. It's a pretty simple bottle considering all the crazy designs these days but it is definitely still a piece I'd probably display on my vanity. In fact, it's actually displayed on my coffee table right now.

It's hard to categorize this perfume as it's floral, fruity, and a bit musky. The must evident notes are apricot, osmanthus, jasmine and blond wood. For me, I mostly smell a fresh burst of fruits right off the bat. It's hard to identify exactly what type of fruits but if you imagine apricots, you can definitely smell it. I also get quite a bit of cream and vanilla which is probably the musk.

The spray is perfect as it distributes the the perfume in a fine mist, so you won't have any issues with water droplets. I find I can get about a half day wear out of this which is fine. The scent starts off stronger than I expect it but I'm used to pretty light scents. Don't be put off by the label saying eau de parfum nude, there's definitely still a quite concentrated scent in this perfume.

This perfume makes me feel delicate, feminine, and also very comfortable in my own skin. This is gonna be such a beautiful scent to wear through the fall and winter season!

The 50mL version is $107 and available at Shoppers Drug Mart while the 75mL version is $131 and available at Hudson's Bay.