Thursday, February 23, 2017

Winter Makeup Look #2 - Bright Eyes + Bold Lips

At the start of this year, I wanted to create a series of looks throughout 2017 to give inspirations for wearable makeup ideas with the varying seasons. I'm a bit late to this one, but there's still one month of winter left and lots of time to rock a bold deep lip. For today's post, I'm providing a tutorial and inspo for a winter makeup look featuring bright eyes and bold lips!

I actually really love wearing bold lip colors and winter is the perfect time for it! I feel like it instantly makes me look more put together and as if I actually spent time getting ready.

Bright Eyes
I am using the Quo Eyeshadow Palette in No Pressure which is a spring 2017 launch for this winter makeup look. There are four light shimmery shades in this palette. The pigmentation is pretty sheerbut since I'm going for an every day look, it works out well. I patted the taupe shade all over the lid and then I went for extra brightness by putting down the golden shade in the center of my lids.

I used the March Jacobs Highliner in Blacquer to tightline my eyes. Since I want to create a bright look, I didn't want to take up my lid space with black liner.

Equally important is what you do on the bottom lashline to complete the look. I used the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Amber Haze about 2/3 of the way through. Then I used the bright gold color on the inside 1/3 of the eyes. I find lining the bottom half of the eye helps to balance out the look and a lot of people skip this step!

Bold Lips
Winter makeup is not complete without some statement making lips. I'm using the Ciate London Liquid Velvet in Pin Up and it's the most gorgeous brick red color. It has a hint of the trendy brown but has more berry in it to make it wearable for every day. The formula is really great and I've previously reviewed it on the blog. You can also choose any of your favorite bold dark shades as the rest of the look is so neutral.

I finished off the rest of my face with the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara and Pixi Beauty Sheer Cheek Gel to keep things simple.

Hope you guys enjoyed this look and I can't wait to starting creating some spring makeup ideas!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

GOSH Primer Plus Skin Perfector - Illuminating Review

Late last year, GOSH released a bunch of new items in their color collection. One of them was the Primer Plus Skin Perfector which I originally was not that big of a fan of. However, recently I've been using it as my sole skin product and have been loving it.

I started using this as my skin was being so flaky and dry after using foundation every day. I was trying to look for something moisturizing in my collection that could still offer a light coverage.

What the product promises is to reduce imperfections and achieve a healthy natural glow and visibly evens skin tone. It also is suppose to moisturize and fortify the skin's natural barrier.

There is only one shade so it might not work if you are very pale or very dark. But if your skin is light to medium, this would be a really nice light every day base product.

I was pretty skeptical about any kind of coverage that this would give as it's named as a primer. However, even though it's a light consistency, it seems to just give a clean canvas on my skin. It fills in my pores as well and gives a smoother, more awake look.

I also do agree that it moisturizes my skin and I think this is the part that makes me enjoy it the most. I have super dry skin and always end up with flakes in the winter time! When I was using my Stila Perfect Putty Perfector every day for about a month, I had dry flakes on my face that I couldn't get rid of (still love that foundation though). When I switched to this, my skin has felt so much more moisturized and I didn't have dry flakes even if I wore makeup every day.

This product is really worth checking out if you are in the market for a tinted moisturizer! This definitely has more coverage than just a primer and I feel like it has good skin care benefits too!

Available for $25 at Shoppers Drug Mart

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mary Kay Glossy Lip Oil- NEW Spring 2017 Collection

I am so glad to start reviewing spring makeup releases as this Vancouver winter has been dreadful! Lip products are my favorites so I'm starting off spring 2017 makeup reviews with these new Mary Kay Glossy Lip Oils!

The name of the collection is Light, Reinvented and is meant for you to transform your look for spring with bright and vivid colors. I am so ready for some pastels and light hues, and also some sunshine!

Packaging: First off, I was so excited when I saw the outer packaging. I thought the color scheme of the boxes is so eye catching and appropriate for spring. I love the kaleidoscope of light pastel colors!

For the product itself, it comes in a squeezy tube with a cushion applicator. The product squeezes out from holes in the applicator but it does get messy pretty fast! The cushion applicator is not very precise but as the colors are quite light in pigmentation, it's not a big deal. I like that the tubes are transparent so you can easily identify the color and see how much you've used up!

Formula: When I tried this for the first time, it was not what I expected out of an "Lip Oil". I've tried several other lip oils before and usually they are a very light, runny consistency which is what I was expecting. However, I would say this is closer to a lip gloss than a lip oil.

Classification aside, I found the formula of these really nice! The formula is quite thick but not sticky and it actually feels very moisturizing. There's a hint of fruity oil but is only slightly noticeable. The formula contains grape seed, avocado and jojoba oils. What I really like is how shiny these are. The color and shine work well together to pump up the lips and I quite like the finished look!

The three colors available are Brilliant Violet, Magenta Ray, and Sheer Pink. The colors look intense in the tube bud I'd say these are pretty light pigmetnation on my lips.

Brilliant Violet- Lavender pink but shows up more of a light pink on my lips
Magenta Ray- A rosy berry shade that shows up like a pink MLBB
Sheer Pink- Baby pink with purple base, unforunately this color washes me out when worn.

The three shades swatch pretty different but on the lips give a similar effect. My favorite would be Magenta Ray as these are lighter pigmentation and this shades add the most life into my look

Overall, I've been wearing these a lot and the texture is super comfortable and moisturizing! I like that it brightens up my face and makes my lips look fuller.

What are you most excited about spring makeup?

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bite Beauty #TheLipPencil

Guys, I have never been so excited to talk about a lip liner! I feel like 90% of the population don't use lip liners on a daily basis and with good reason. In my head, lip liners are 90s overdrawn lips and dry and chalky. But recently, Bite Beauty released The Lip Pencil and I am blown away!!

I received from Influenster 2 shades to test out. I have 044 rich mahogany which is a deep berry with a brown undertone as well as 020 beige nude which is a medium toned classic nude.

The formulation of these is so creamy! I have never tried a lip liner that glides on so smoothly and with little pressure! You can get full pigmentation and actually even use this lip liner on its own. What I like to do is to use the tip to line around my lips, then I take the lip pencil horizontally and fill in the rest of my lips. I actually get a gorgeous MLBB look with 020 beige nude, and a bold but wearable berry lip with 044 rich mahogany.

Influenster also sent us two mini Amuse Bouche lipsticks to pair with The Lip Pencils. The Amuse Bouche line was released about a year ago and I've been meaning to check them out as I've heard rave reviews! The lipsticks smell lightly of lemon and feel weightless on the lips. The pigmentation is fantastic and it does not dry out the lips. It's basically textbook perfection!

Honeycomb, Whiskey

The shade Honeycomb is a bit too nude for me and slightly washes me out. Whiskey is a gorgeous deep color but is a bit too dark even for a bold lip day. With that said though, the formula is so nice that I'd definitely be interested in picking up Amuse Bouche Lipsticks in other colors! I have my eyes on a couple of shades!

Wearing only 044 rich mahogany

Wearing 044 rich mahogany layered with Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Whiskey

Overall I am so impressed by the lip pencils and the lipstick! I will definitely be in the market for more Bite Beauty products and especially as they are Canadian!

What's your favorite product from Bite?

Products were sent for free by Influenster but opinions are my own.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

How I (Attempt to) Stay Fit

Today's post will be a departure from the normal makeup and fashion ramblings. I'm not one of those people who likes to go to the gym. Actually I dread it. I feel like I lack the chemicals which is suppose to make you happy after you work out hah. I've been trying to make small changes in my life though and wanted to share some of the ways I attempt to stay fit!

1) Track how much water you drink

Health really begins with eating and although everyone says "drink more water", I find it so hard to actually do it. To help me drink more water, I downloaded an app to keep track of the number of cups I'm drinking. Once I was keeping track, I realized how little h20 I get every day and was motivated to get closer to the magical 8 cups of water a day.

I can't remember the name of the app that I was previously using before I switched phones but there's a super cute one called Plant Nanny that I just downloaded! You have to drink water to water your plants, it sounds so silly but the cute graphics totally helps!

2) Carve out 15 minute each day for a quick at home work out

The hardest part of starting to work out is finding the time for it! Especially if you work long hours like me, I really don't want to spend my free time working out. But I think 15 minutes is an easy commitment to make and there are tons of videos on Youtube that gives a solid workout in that amount of time.

If you don't know where to start, check out Blogilates. She has full workout schedules and each day she creates a playlist so you don't even need to search for the videos!

Some of my other favorites are:

3) Take advantage of new client offers

I enjoy working out a lot more in a class setting and especially love dance infused workouts. Usually these types of studios are very pricey but almost all have a one month offer for new customers at a much reduced price!

Bar Method

For example, I went to the Bar Method last summer for barre classes and the workouts will make your muscles shake! I also had a one month membership at the YWCA on Hornby/Dunsmuir. They have such a large variety of classes there but I would say it has a slightly older clientele and a more recreational intensity level. Recently, I've been taking classes at Pur Movement which is a fitness studio in Richmond. I went to their Barre and SexyStiletto classes and it's so much fun you don't even feel like you are working out. The results are great and I feel a difference and I've only been to 8 classes!

Pur Movement

This works especially for me because I have different clients and work all around the lower mainland. It gives me a chance to try out new workouts and not ever get bored! So if price is holding you back, definitely at least sign up for the first month. I haven't had any issues with the studios to cancel once I've finished the one month!

4) Get cute accessories!
Writing this feels so shallow but I know I must not be the only one who thinks this! I feel a lot more motivated to work out with cute outfits and accessories. You can of course go to Lululemon for work out clothes but I've really been enjoying the quality of the two Lole items I own. I also shop at Forever 21 and H&M for activewear that is a lot more affordable! The fabrics are not as technical but it's great for a low intensity work out!

My New Balance runners and Copper H2O water bottle

Also important is your water bottle! I like my swell bottle a lot and they come in all sorts of prints and designs. Recently I was also sent a water bottle from Copper H2O which is a Vancouver based company! Their bottles are so beautiful and unique and would entice me to carry it around more which would hopefully lead me to drinking more water and being healthier!

So those are my tips for staying fit and hopefully if you are looking to make a change this would give you realistic ways to start! Leave a comment with ways you stay fit and health!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Color of the Year (Greenery) Picks from the Drugstore!

Each year, Pantone announces a Color of the Year which then drives the trends for beauty and fashion releases! This year the color is Greenery and is a symbol for new beginnings. Pantone did an amazing job describing why this color is important to us

The shade is described as a "zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew." As I'm getting older now, I definitely know the importance of taking time to enjoy nature, and to rejuvenate the mind and body! So today I've rounded up a bunch of drugstore picks to get you on trend this year!

Garnier Whole Blends- Green Apple & Green Tea
I've previously shared the Garnier Whole Blends coconut collection on the blog! The packaging of this is so attractive and the shade is bang on! The scent is fruity but you can definitely smell the green tea come through as well. I've been really enjoying the Whole Blends line up as it's so affordable and uses more quality ingredients!

Maybelline Masterprime Primer in 300
I haven't browsed the drugstore makeup aisle and am glad to see so many new products! (Although their prices keep going up and up). I have redness in my cheeks so I thought this primer would be perfect for counteracting the color and so far I'm really enjoying it! The texture is more of a cream than a silicone primer.

Essie Nail Polish in Mojito Madness
I love mint nail polishes and this shade is just a tad darker with a bit more yellow undertone! I prefer the new Essie packaging as the brush is thicker and easier to use. The color was opaque in two coats and is perfect for the upcoming spring weather! This is probably the easiest way to add Greenery to your beauty routine!

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Lipstick
Don't be scared off by this green lipstick! It's one of those lip products that will adjust color based on the pH of your skin! So it'll be customized color just for you. It actually has a really strong staining power and I found the color lasting on my lips for a lot longer than I thought it would. On me, it turned a bright pink!

NYX Vivid Brights Liner in Vivid Envy
Another easy way to add color into your makeup look is with a winged liner! I find it is easy to go for a bright color as it's just a pop of color and doesn't overwhelm the wearability of the look! I would line my eyes first with a black liner and then use this slightly above the black liner to add some color and fun into my look!

On a side note, Parks Canada is giving away Discovery Passes to celebrate 150 years. This gives you unlimited access to enjoy the National Parks! I can't wait to discover more of my backyard this summer!

How are you planning to add "Greenery" to your routine?