Thursday, January 19, 2017

Winter Style: Sweater + Chokers ft. Lisa Q of Sweden

Are you on the chokers trend yet? If not, get on it because it's everywhere! I'm excited to say that I feel like I finally got onto a trend before it's already out of style.

It's been so cold in Vancouver recently so I've been wearing my sweaters a lot. I pulled together this outfit by adding on a necklace I recently received from Lisa Q of Sweden! I find wearing a long necklace helps to break up a piece of clothing that's just one color and adds more length to the body. 

Sweater- Aritzia- Isabelli
Necklace- c/o Lisa Q of Sweden- Knock Out
Boots- North Face 

Their signature piece is the Bling String which you can try to tie in many different ways! I tried doubling it up and tying it as a knot in front which was a fun look! Also I find most chokers sold in stores are in black and Lisa Q offers chokers in 10 different colors so you can add even more style to your look!

The other style I've been wearing is the No Chill choker. This one has a ton of beads and I like that it makes my outfit look more glamorous and party ready! So next time you feel like your winter sweater is a bit boring, try adding a choker to the look!

What's your go to winter style?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Teeez Cosmetics Serial Lip Stain in Faux Pas Review & Swatches

I introduced teeez cosmetics on the blog last year, and I am always amazed by their intricate packaging! Recently they released the Fashion Vendetta collection and one of the items is a lip stain. I actually never got into lip stains as I don't love matte colors on my lips and I enjoy the process of reapplying! But I know they are all the rage, so I was excited to give this one a try! This product is available at Hudson's Bay for $28.

Packaging: I was really drawn to the packaging of this product! It is a square shaped acrylic packaging with a very abstract print. The print is actually of a skull but if you don't look closely, it just looks like water color. There is a small mirror on the lid but you can't look in the mirror at the same time you are applying. Overall I really love how it looks and it would be a vanity display item for sure.

Color: The outer box made the color look like a deep brown but the shade is surprisingly wearable. There's a lot of rosiness that peeks through and if you use a light hand it's more of a deep rosy nude. If you build it up more, then it's a dark brown with purple undertones. The color is opaque and very pigmented!

Lasting Power: The claims are that it is long lasting and this is definitely true! It takes about a minute for the product to dry down and after that it is on! I can easily drink coffee on white lids and not leave a stain. If I wipe my mouth with a napkin, I do wipe off some of the color. But I can easily go 4 hours without needing to touch up. I've worn it to work out once and it looked same going in and coming out! 

White mug test!

Formula: Unfortunately even with the beautiful color and lasting power, I am not a fan of this formula! As you can see, it kind of sets into my lip lines and even the lines on my hands, it gives an elephant skin like appearance unless I'm smiling. It's very light weight feeling which is good but it does make my lips feel dry. Also the formula is made of very small particles which helps the lasting power, but it gets a bit messy and you find flakey bits of pigment on your teeth.

I think I'm still not on the lip stain train! I love pigmented lips but I also enjoy the shine that comes with it. The packaging is gorgeous though so I will probably have it on display. There are a few other teeez products I like a lot better, including their lush sheer lipstick!

What are your thoughts on liquid lipsticks and lip stains?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Charlotte Tilbury 5 Minute Makeup Revolution- Natural Glowing Makeup

Normally I save my Charlotte Tilbury makeup for special occasions, but they recently released a 5 Minute Makeup Revolution kit that is perfect for every day use! I've been trying to apply makeup on a daily basis before work this year and it usually takes me about 15 minutes. I wanted to take a 5 minute challenge to see how put together I can look using only these products!

The kit will set you back a pretty $95 but is a decent deal considering the price of Charlotte Tilbury makeup. There are 3 full size items included but lets calculate the value!

Wonderglow - sample ~$25
Colour Chameleon in Amber Haze - full size $32
Legendary Lashes Mascara - sample ~$16
Beach Stick in Moon Beach - full size $48
Matte Revolution Lipstick in Very Victoria - full size $38

Just the 3 full size items amount to $118! So in total the value is about $159 not including the bag which is a saving of $64!!

With the math out of the way, let's get started!

Step 1: Priming the face with Wonderglow

Let's start off with the Wonderglow. This is what CT always uses in every video, can you hear the: "First, we will apply my magical wonderglow face primer *in a British accent*" 

I like that it's not a silicone type of primer, but I find the formula too glittery! I think it might be better used under foundation, but in this kit alone, I would be way too self conscious to walk around like a disco ball. I applied it anyways all over the face just using my fingertips. 42 seconds

Step 2: Eyeshadow with the Colour Chameleon Pencil

I haven't had amazing experiences with pencil shadows before as I find them too dry to use. This however was such a pleasant surprise! The color was surprisingly flattering too and the perfect shade to use all over the lid. 

I just swiped this all across my eyelid underneath my crease, and used my fingers to blend it up. I think you can also use a brush if you want to have more of a blended look. There is a bit of shimmer in the color and it just gives dimension and life to my eyes! 1 minute and 27 seconds.

Step 3: Open up your eyes with Legendary Lashes

I've been on a good mascara streak recently loving a ton of new ones that I've tried out. This one is no exception! It's a natural bristle brush that's not too wet and not too dry! There are tons of bristles so you won't have to worry about clumping. The color is also very black so you can definitely get a dramatic look. 1 minute and 2 seconds.

Step 4: Add life with Beach Stick in Full Moon

I love looking at coral blushes but they are not always the most flattering on me! This shade is a gorgeous strawberry pink with some gold shimmer. I knew I had to be light handed to not look clown like. I simply dabbed this where I want the color and used my fingers to blend. It was not the creamiest blush stick I've used but I also didn't find any issues with blending.

If you are like me and end up with crazy red cheeks, try applying blush closer to where you would contour. This helps to shape the face a lot more. The glitter isn't that visible once applied and the color definitely brings life back into my face. 59 seconds.

Step 5: Polish your lips with Matte Revolution Lipstick in Very Victoria

I don't love matte lips but luckily although this lipstick has the word matte in the name, it actually doesn't look flat on the lips. The color is a beautiful brown nude that is very wearable. The look makes me feel polished and posh, like Victoria Beckham!

The bullet shape makes it easy to apply without a lipliner and I was done this in 19 seconds!

So overall I completed the full look in 4 minutes and 29 seconds which I was pretty amazed about. For an actual every day routine, I would probably swap out the wonder glow and add in a tinted moisturizer. I'd also swap out the beach stick and just use a powder blush.

But other than that, I really love the whole look and it's great to know I can look polished in 5 minutes or less! This kit is a really great value to try some fabulous products from the brand!

Pre makeup with nothing on my face!

Using all 5 products in this kit in 4 minutes and 29 seconds.

Have you tried timing yourself in the morning to see how long it would take? What's your favorite item from Charlotte Tilbury?

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Products I Want to Use Up in 2017 + Project Pan Intro

I would have never thought having too much makeup would ever be an issue. But this beauty blogging adventure has created a makeup surplus (dropped that accounting word :')). Each year I've been making a products I want to use up and this year is no exception. Check out the items I've selected to finish up this year!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Matrix Biolage RAW (Real Authentic Wholesome Hair Care)

Although I usually stick to basic drugstore hair care, I can't help but be curious whenever a "cool" high end bottle of hair care gets released! Matrix is a well known professional hair care brand and recently they released a collection of shampoo and conditioners under the Biolage R.A.W. line. The idea behind these products is that they are effective but using as much natural origin ingredients as possible!

So let's get the stats out of the way:
-no silicone
-no parabens
-no colorants
-99% biodegradable formulas
-$25 each with 325mL of product

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette- Looks + Inspiration for Asian Eyes

Happy 2017!! Can you believe that it's the new year already? I'm starting off this year with a pretty highly talked about product in the market- the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I'm sure you've all seen swatches and reviews online, so I won't repeat all that information again! However, when I tried to look for inspirations on what looks to do, none of them flatter Asian eyes.

So I thought I'd compile 3 looks and share some ideas to fully utilize all the shades in this palette!