Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Haul | Sephora Nail Polish + Michael Kors Watch

How did everyone do with their Christmas shopping? I got two things which I'm really excited about!

1) Sephora by O.P.I. Tinseltown 16 pack

My friend and I split this pack which is perfect because there are so many bottles of polish! 

Top: the nail polishes I walked away with
Only Gold for Me Top Coat
Just a Pinch of Glitter
Break a Leg Warmer!
Meet me at the Disco
Merry Me
And a Cherry on Top
Just a Little Dangerous
I'm Wired
What Aura Gonna Wear?

2) Michael Kors Golden Parker Glitz Watch

I've been wanting a MK watch for a super long time so this is so exciting! Do you girls like watches?

What's your favorite thing you got for Christmas? 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Review: Maybelline Lavender Fields Expert Eyewear Quad Review

This is a quad I've had for a long time. Every time I look at it, it's so pretty but unfortunately the payoff is just not there. Eyeshadows is definitely something I find that drugstore products are very hit or miss on.

Don't the colors look beautiful in the palette?

Top swatches with UDPP, Bottom  swatches are shadows by itself
So sad about the poor pigmentation

It has instructions on how to create the look. But with Asian eyes, it's not very useful

After showering(no scrubbing though), the dark color held on quite well. But everything else is gone.

Eyeshadow Ratings
Formula          6/10
Pigmentation  5/10
Colors             4/5
Packaging       3/5
Overall         18/30 C

I would not recommend this palette for anyone. Unless you were just looking for a brown, and in that case, I would just buy a single.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Science Behind it All: Polybutene

Hey guys,

I'm introducing a new kind of posts called "The Science Behind it All'. I wanted to not only increase my knowledge about makeup in the superficial level, but to also understand what it's made of. In these series, I will explore the scientific side of ingredients in cosmetics.

First up: Polybutene

When I read the ingredients list for my Stila lip glaze set, I was shocked.  It's full of tenes, and ates, and lenes, and all these scary chemcial compounds. Since polybutene is first on the list, I decided to do some research.

What is Polybutene? 
-Scientifically: a polymer formed by the polymerization of a mixture of isobutenes and normal butenes. The viscosity of polybutene increases in direct proportion to increasing chain length.
-Normal language: it is a light colored, nondrying, sticky liquid derived from petroleum used as a plasticizer

What is it used in? It can be used in the formulation of lipstick, eye makeup and skin care products.

Why is it used? It functions as a binder and viscosity increasing agent. Pretty much it makes the liquids less runny!

Harmful? Does not cause any suspected health side effects! Considered safe for cosmetics use.

So it looks like this chemical isn't bad at all for you. But of course it's not good either. For those who likes to use natural makeup, maybe take a second look to see if the first ingredient is polybutene next time you buy lipgloss! I think this compound is what makes Stila lipglosses so sticky!

More Links

Natural alternative to polybutene in lip gloss

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Review: Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara

Rimmel Extra Super Lash Curved Brush Mascara
Quite nice packaging. Black and sleek.

Brush. Has a slight curve, nice bristles

What they say: A "must have" everyday beauty essential. Allows for the building of unlimited coats of mascara on the lashes, whilst maintaining perfect lash separation and definition, without clumping or sticking.

What I say: I think their description is pretty accurate. It's definitely a great every day mascara. It doesn't build to scary big lashes, but definitely a decent amount for a normal day look. Also I really like how plushy the formula feels. When it dries it doesn't feel cakey but it feels soft and plush. 

However, the brush is quite misleading, it doesn't really curl my lashes. Also by the end of the day it feels like the mascara is all gone, although it doesn't smudge on my skin. So a mystery where it disappears to!

Bare lashes

After with Rimmel Mascara

       After: Angled view

Mascara Ratings
Big lashes: 4/5
Blackness: 4/5
No clumping: 5/5
No flaking/smudging: 5/5
Easy to take off: 5/5
Value: 5/5

Overall 28/30 A

I really enjoy using this mascara. I would recommend checking this out! It provides nice long lashes for a day look with a smooth plushy feel that I haven't quite experienced with other mascaras.
Not recommended for those who want curled eyelashes, dramatic looks, and a formula that lasts all day.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stila All Is Bright Lip Glaze Set + Two Toned Lips

Stila came out with a beautiful holiday set featuring eight lipglosses in a set called "All Is Bright"
$25 USD/ $33 CAD

My friend picked this up for me in the states since it's so much cheaper just across the border. The packing is so cute and I couldn't wait to open it. However, I was shocked by how much I had to turn before any gloss would rise through the tube. I understand that at $25 for 8 lip glosses, there's not much products. But did they have to use such a big case for so little product?!!

I decided to take out two contrasting colors and see how it is. I picked Black Cherry which is a deep plum with no sparkles and Jolly which is a light pink with a golden sheen.
                             Stila lip makeup 

Figured I might as well kill two birds with one stone and try out the two toned lips trend ;)

Black Cherry on top lip
Jolly on bottom lip

Unfortunately, the two most contrasting colors in the collection are barely visible when put on the lips. Having 8 tubes that ends up looking the same on the lips is no fun. Also, a lot of people commented on how delicious they smell and taste, but I feel like mine taste like bubble gum just like the ELF Hypershine. Not sure if mine's just a bad batch but so far not very impressed with this set.

I've tried two of their tinted moisturizer and their concealer and was not pleased with any of them. I think it is my last adventure with Stila. There's too many great brands out there to waste my money and time on Stila.

What are your experiences with Stila or this lip gloss set? Do they have any standout products I should try before I write them off for good?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Creating Different Eye Shapes with Eyeliner

Here's just a quick post to show how eyeliner can make your eyes look different.

I only lined my upper eye in a winged shape. The result is that the eye look longer. But at the same time, the eye looks narrower.

On this eye, I drew the eyeliner downwards to meet the bottom liner. This makes my eye look a bit rounder and bigger.

This is what the two eyes looked like zoomed out. You can see that there's quite a big difference. Although my two eyes are different in shape naturally.
*please excuse the random splotch on my cheek, I was testing some blushes :( *

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Spotlight on: Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands of makeup. Their packaging is incredibly cute and clever. Even though their prices are high, compared to YSL, Dior, Chanel, it's quite affordable. I will give a quick break down of my experiences with this brand.

First item: I bought the velvet eyeshadows for my mom but ended up keeping it for myself! And also YouRebel at the same time. I loved using YouRebel at the beginning but I feel like it oxidizes too much now.

Favorite items:

  • Bella Bamba- Pigmented, smells great, amazing colored blush
  • Silky finish lipstick in Skinny Dip- Really natural color that gives a shine on the lips. No lipgloss needed
  • Bad Gal Mascara- Separates lashes and gives incredible length

Okay items:

  • YouRebel- A medium coverage tinted moisturizer. They only have it in two shades, this only matches me in the summer.
  • Velvet Eyeshadow- Nothing great nothing bad. Nice soft buttery eyeshadow but similar to Too faced and Urban Decay
  • Hoola- The bronzer did a good job for me and I liked that it was matte but I haven't been wowed by it. Not sure if it's worth the price.
  • High beam- Great highlighter, but again not sure if worth the price.


  • Some Kinda Gorgeous- I hated this foundation, bad smell, limited shades, applies dry.
  • Cha Cha Tint- Dries too fast, stains my fingers when applying.
  • Eye Bright- Good concept but made no difference.

Wishlist items:

Benefit Cosmetics - Hervana

Benefit Cosmetics - CORALista

High flyin' glosses
Benefit Cosmetics - High Flyin’ Glosses
Erase paste
Benefit Cosmetics - Erase Paste

Personal Views: I think this brand is a great choice for the teens to early 30's crowd. The cute packaging and whimsical designs make getting ready so much fun. Their best known products are probably their powder blushes which I enjoy. I would like to see them venture and create some great value palettes. I rarely finish my products and would like to try new products through value sets. But I feel like Benefits always put the same products in their sets which makes it not worth buying. Also I would really like to see a great eyeshadow palette from them.

Is Benefit one of your favorite brands? What products do you like/dislike? What have you been dying to try?

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Empties: July- September 2012


Here's what I've used up.

-Colgate Toothpaste- nothing exciting here
-Veet Wax Strips -  these are easy to use although it's pretty time consuming. the hair grows back softer but shaving is much easier
-Bath and Body Works Wild Strawberry Candle- YUM! Everyone needs to have candles
-David's Tea in Daydreamer- If you like a light green tea, you have to try this!
-Clinque Moisture Surge- This worked okay but I wouldn't repurchase this
-Hot Givency Perfume Sample-It's a good scent for going out, I would recommend testing this out!
-CG Lash Blash Length-  I quite liked this mascara. Gives length but not too much volume
-Love& Beauty Curling mascara- WORST MASCARA EVER. I decided to give it another chance but when I pulled it out there was a goop of mascara. So I wiped it off and when I put it back in, more goop came out.


This is what I've used up in the month of August.

Simple cleansing facial wipes- I really like these, first time using facial wipes. Great for when you come home late and don't want to wash your face

BBW Cuccumber Melon- Just a meh lotion. Smells nice but nothing amazing.

Very Hollywood by Michael Kors- This perfume smells so good! Kind of feminine but also very islandy. Must try!

Sugar lip treatment in Rose - Read Review

Estee Lauder More than Mascara- Read Review

Love and beauty mascaras: They are all unused but I had to throw them out cause it was so bad!
-defining & separating


This month, I had to toss out a lot of items. I've been trying to downsize and reorganize my make up collection. I actually don't wear too much make up but I love collecting it. Although recently I realized how silly that is. So I've been trying to weed out some products.

Things I used
-Anna Sui Secret Wish: This smells amazing! I would consider purchasing this full size
-David's Tea Organic Ever Green: Tastes terrible :( I usually like all of David's Tea but not this one
-Wet n Wild Retractable Eyeliner
-Infusium hair conditioner: Really cool product that you can just put on any time of the day. No need to rinse and it hydrates your hair! I liked it.

Things I tossed
-Sally Hansen in Stony Creme: It got too goopy :(
-Rimmel Vinyl Gloss: I think it went bad. Smells funny
-ELF Hypershine: This smelled funny too. And really weird consistency
-Almay Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover: I don't like oily removers so I just emptied it.

I would love to read what you've finished this month! Are any of you guys on a buying ban?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Haul: Toronto Winners and Shoppers Drug Mart

Hi everyone! Sorry about the lack of posts, I was out of town for some conferences and exploring Toronto. Surprisingly I didn't do much shopping, I've been trying to cut back. But I did stroll into Winners in Toronto and picked up three things. I'm liking them all so far, and will post up reviews once I've used them more!

1) Garnier Skin Renew Massaging Lotion $6.99
2) Too Faced Lockdown Cream Eyeshadow in Jailbait $6.99
3) Korres Antiageing Primer $9.99

The second Haul is from Shoppers Drug Mart. My credit card gives back rewards and I finally redeemed it for a gift card to Shoppers.

Took me a long time in the store looking at every brand but this is what I came home with.

Essie turquoise & caicos $8.99
-to replace my Eyeko Vintage polish I had to throw away this summer

Essie nothing else metals $8.99
-a beautiful unique color that i just wanted to try. these are my first 2 essie nail polsihes!

Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss $5.99
-wanted to try because of the hype

NeoStrata Spot Lightener $24
-I have these brown spots around my face I want to get rid of. My mom is letting me laser it off but I figure I'd try a cream first. Will keep you guys updated on how it goes!

Have you guys hauled recently?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Review: Garnier Skin Renew Awakening Face Massager

I love this! Everyone needs to try this out. I've been using Dermalogica for a couple of years and my skin has been good. But this is 1/5 of the price!

My skin feels smoother after a week of use. I don't know if it's because it's fun so I'm constantly using it. Before, I wouldn't use my lotion very often. But I can feel a difference.

The smell and texture are both nice! I don't know if it actually awakens the skin, but having a cooling lotion in the morning feels great. Sometimes it's not moisturizing enough so I have to use my actual lotion, but I love using this first.

Short review, but if you have the chance you should all give it a try. I want to explore the Garnier line now. Do any of you use Garnier for skin care?

Friday, August 31, 2012

A Collection of NOTD's

OPI in Leaf Him At the Altar

This is a forest green with gold foil duochrome. I quite like the color because it's so unique and it dries super fast! This is in the mini sephora bottle which I think is actually better. I've never been able to finish a bottle of nail polish. August 31st, 2012

OPI in Almost Famous
This formula was a dream to apply. No clumping, and dries fast. However it also chips super fast!
 August 13th, 2012

Rimmel Lasting Finish in Pink Bliss
I love the color of this polish. Such a soft and sweet baby pink. The color is true to the bottle, and drying time is fast. Only complaint is that the formula is slightly streaky. I used 3 coats. Aug 2nd, 2012

Sally Hansen in Stoney Creme

This was a picture taken a while back while I was still living in dorms. I quite like this neutral color as it's appropriate for many occasions. This is 2 coats of polish and it provides an opaque creamy coverage. I'd definitely recommend trying this out for a nudey nail color. July 6th, 2012

NuRy Pink Polish

This is a nail polish I picked up in China last summer. The color is a bright pink with silver microshimmer. It looks really good in the bottle but was terrible to apply. This took me 3 coats! Also, the dry time is ridiculously long. After about 45 mins of waiting, my nails still smudged. About a day after wear, chipping started to happen. A really cute color, but not such a cute application process. July 6th, 2012

Eyeko in Vintage Polish

This is my absolute favorite color for spring/summer. But the formula dried up and it's so goopy. It was a disaster to apply today and after doing my nails I threw it away. So sad. But the application is so difficult that I figure I can pick up another mint green. June 4th, 2012.

Sally Hansen in Lacey Lilac

A quick nail of the day during final exams!! Takes about 2 coats, thinner consistency. Applies nicely. Very pretty spring/summer color! April 14th, 2012

Which of these are your favorite polish colors?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review: Benefit Some Kind-a-Gorgeous

Today I will be reviewing benefit's some kind-a gorgeous. It's a foundation faker that's cream to powder. I got this size from one of the benefit's sample boxes. It's in the shade medium.

Isn't the packaging so cute! It just draws me in.

This size doesn't have a mirror on the inside. I've hit pan! :)

This product is a true cream to powder formula. It's very creamy in the container and even on my fingertips as you can see in this picture.

However, as soon as you put it on your skin, it changes to a powder formula and disappears into the skin. I find that so cool!

Things I like:
-The wet to dry formula
-The cute packaging 

Things I don't like:
- The smell of the foundation- It smells like old makeup that's expired, I know mine hasn't because I bought it about 6 months ago from Sephora
-The lack of shade selection- you can see that the shade doesn't really match my hand because I've tanned during the summer

Foundation Ratings
Shade: 6/10
Coverage: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10
Finish: 5/5
Value: 3/5

Overall: 30/40 
Bonus: Smell is a big factor in this overall rating.

Rating: C
It has a medium coverage and is a good foundation. However, the strong smell and the fact that the foundation only has three color choices put me off. I would not repurchase. I'm glad I only got the small size.

Do you guys like this style of review more? I'm trying to put more pictures and less words! :)
Anybody a fan of cream to powder finishes?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Piece of Tiffany & Co 
Return to Tiffany Bead Bracelet 

This weekend, I received a beautiful blue box from my favorite guy. A piece of Tiffany & Co jewelry! I spent the weekend with my BF before he left for exchange to Europe! He surprised me with a gorgeous bracelet.

How about you guys? Do you own anything from Tiffany & Co?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: ELF Hypershine Gloss in Bubblegum

What they say: Hyper, glass-like shine infused with micro-mirror technology to reflect light. Smoothes lips on contact with a conditioning shine that lasts for hours. Create that natural lip stain of color that's sheer, subtle and beautiful!

What I say: The gloss is definitely sheer, and subtle but buildable, there's no lip stain at all. On my lips it has the faintest color of pink, but if I pump a lot of lipgloss out, it can make my lips a lighter pink. It's a thicker consistency for a lipgloss. Quite shiny but I don't find it conditions the lips. I love the twist pump though!

Lip Gloss Ratings
Color: 4/5
Shine: 3/5
Scent/Taste: 1/5
Packaging: 5/5
Longevity: 3/5
Value: 5/5

Overall: 21/30 C

It's an okay product. I remember loving the hypershine before, and I was so excited to open up this one. I've only had it for 9 months but it's really sticky and smells bad. Not sure if it's just  this one that has bad taste and smell. It's definitely a cheap lipgloss ($1) that will do it's job, but nothing spectacular.

Bare Lips

Lips with ELF Hypershine Gloss in Bubblegum