Friday, June 29, 2012

Empties: March- June 2012


In Empties posts, I will show you what products I have recently finished. When I read beauty blogs this is my favorite thing to read!

So for March I finished three things
1) Sample YSL Parisenne perfume
2) ELF waterproof eyeliner pen

Let me know if you enjoy these types of posts :)

This month I used up a lot of every day products. Not so much makeup related. I had to move out of residence so I tried to finish as much as possible. 

1) Crest Pro Health Mouth Wash
2) ReNu Contact Lens Cleaner
3) Crest Scope Toothpaste
4) Givency Hot Couture Perfume Sample

5) 100 pack of Cotton Pads
6) Mouth freshsener

This was finished during my vacation to Mexico!
-Bath and Body Works Blushing Cherry Blossom


1) Blistex Lip Medex
2) Sugar Lip Treatment
3) Chanel Chance eau Tendre sample vial
4) Rimmel Gental Eye Makeup Remover
5) Sensodyne Toothpaste

Yay I finished two lip balms. I have so many at home that I need to go through them ASAP. Can't justify buying the Rimmel Lip Butters until I have less lip products.

So this month I haven't had a lot of time to put on makeup. I just started a new job and have been working lots. What I did develop is a candle obsession! They literally make every moment feel more special.

With this post, I will also add a little bit of my thoughts and not just a list of products. I know I haven't posted very much recently

-Dermalogical Multi-Active Toner: I've been using this for three or four years now. It's a really great product that you mist on before you put on your moisturizer. However, at 43 dollars per bottle, I'm not sure how much effect it actually has on my skin.I probably won't be repurchasing it this time and will tryout some other products.

-Bath and Body Works Candles: I'M IN LOVE. So glad that they are having their semi annual sale, I stocked up on lots of candles. Here are the mini ones I tried in June. I wanted to test out a couple scents before purchasing a larger pot. The only bad thing about these mini candles is how much is left in the pot. I'd say 1/5 of it can't burn. If anyone knows how to burn the last bit, let me know!

Oceanside: My absolute favorite!! It smells like boyfriend in a cup. I know that's the weirdest description ever, but it kind of smells like cologne but not that strong. It definitely makes me think of a relaxing day at the ocean park. It's really light so I would recommend it for a small space like a bathroom. Currently, it's sitting in my closet, I'm hoping the smell would transfer to my clothes! I will definitely be getting a big pot of this!

Market Peach: This smelled so good in the pot but there's no throw in the air. You literally have to put your nose right next to the wick to smell anything when it burns. I wouldn't recommend this one. Such a shame because when it's not burning, it smells so juicy and just like a real peach!

Blackberry Grapefruit: I thought this would be a lot fruity but it has a heavy vanilla scent to it. It was enough smell to cover a bedroom but I'm into light and fruity scents so I wouldn't repurchase. This would be great for anyone who likes rich scents like vanilla.

Also I tossed out my Avon mascara. It was horrendous. Clumped like no other. I barely used it but I gave up.

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