Sunday, December 16, 2012

Review: Maybelline Lavender Fields Expert Eyewear Quad Review

This is a quad I've had for a long time. Every time I look at it, it's so pretty but unfortunately the payoff is just not there. Eyeshadows is definitely something I find that drugstore products are very hit or miss on.

Don't the colors look beautiful in the palette?

Top swatches with UDPP, Bottom  swatches are shadows by itself
So sad about the poor pigmentation

It has instructions on how to create the look. But with Asian eyes, it's not very useful

After showering(no scrubbing though), the dark color held on quite well. But everything else is gone.

Eyeshadow Ratings
Formula          6/10
Pigmentation  5/10
Colors             4/5
Packaging       3/5
Overall         18/30 C

I would not recommend this palette for anyone. Unless you were just looking for a brown, and in that case, I would just buy a single.


  1. that's a disappointment :( i've found that I rarely like maybelline's eyeshadows

  2. good honest review hun, thanks for your comment on my blog i followed:) x

  3. Hi Angela! :D You won a voucher in my Firmoo giveaway :D Yay! I just had a little problem though.. When I tried to send it to your email, I keep receiving a postmaster delivery failure :( Would you be able to email me at and I'll send along your voucher code? :D Congrats again! :D