Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stila All Is Bright Lip Glaze Set + Two Toned Lips

Stila came out with a beautiful holiday set featuring eight lipglosses in a set called "All Is Bright"
$25 USD/ $33 CAD

My friend picked this up for me in the states since it's so much cheaper just across the border. The packing is so cute and I couldn't wait to open it. However, I was shocked by how much I had to turn before any gloss would rise through the tube. I understand that at $25 for 8 lip glosses, there's not much products. But did they have to use such a big case for so little product?!!

I decided to take out two contrasting colors and see how it is. I picked Black Cherry which is a deep plum with no sparkles and Jolly which is a light pink with a golden sheen.
                             Stila lip makeup 

Figured I might as well kill two birds with one stone and try out the two toned lips trend ;)

Black Cherry on top lip
Jolly on bottom lip

Unfortunately, the two most contrasting colors in the collection are barely visible when put on the lips. Having 8 tubes that ends up looking the same on the lips is no fun. Also, a lot of people commented on how delicious they smell and taste, but I feel like mine taste like bubble gum just like the ELF Hypershine. Not sure if mine's just a bad batch but so far not very impressed with this set.

I've tried two of their tinted moisturizer and their concealer and was not pleased with any of them. I think it is my last adventure with Stila. There's too many great brands out there to waste my money and time on Stila.

What are your experiences with Stila or this lip gloss set? Do they have any standout products I should try before I write them off for good?

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  1. i don't really like Stila much and I have never tried their lip gloss set.. it does look great on you tho :)

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