Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Swatches: Stila Lip Glaze in Jolly and Black Cherry

This is a follow up to my previous post about the All is Bright set.
In the previous post, I did a picture with the two colors one on top and one on bottom.

Just wanted to show you quick swatches of what it looks like.

Stila Black Cherry

Black Cherry swatched on hand

Stila Jolly

Jolly swatched on hand (beautiful gold sparkles! but unfortunately doesn't really show on lips in real life)

Comparison of the ELF Hypershine

As you can see, the two colors do have some differences but not to the degree of contrast in the tubes. I have grown to like these as they are an easy natural lipgloss to use. I've been using Jolly religiously for the past two month and it's still not done yet!

I feel like these applicators are made in the same factory as the ELF ones though, they are SO identical! Which makes me question the normal $19 full size price.

Is lipgloss a high end or a drugstore product for you?

Haul: ELF Studio Line with 50% Off Coupon

I hauled again. :S Last one I promise! I'm definitely going on a no buy after this.
I found a 50% off coupon code for the Studio line so I had to have it :( All these products for $36 plus $14 shipping. It was definitely worth it but I will probably never finish any of this.

I'm looking forward to my empties post this weekend to make myself feel better about the recent hauls

Came in a big box. Took 12 days, so pretty average shipping speed.

Random jumble of things.

Heard these are great. Picked it up in Sweet Salmon, Tangerine Orange, Ballet Slippers, Dragonfruit

Studio Blushes: Twinkle Pink, Candid Coral, Blushing Rose
Eye shadow: Mystic Moss, Sunset, Raspberry Truffle

Random items. Eyebrow set, concealer, lip exfoliator, baked blush, whipped eyeshadow

Brushes: Kabuki, Stipple, Small Stipple, Angled Blush, Contour, C brush, Retractable Lip 

I'm pretty pleased with the amount I got. Look for reviews of all these items soon! So far I'm very impressed with the brushes and the lip gloss. Which are your favorite ELF Studio items?

Also, do you guys try to finish all your items, or do you collect your makeup? I use to always want to collect makeup but I realize now that it expires anyways. Interested to hear what your thoughts are!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Haul: David's Tea

In the past year I've developed a love for David's Tea! My bf said it's because their company color looks like Tiffany&Co. Pretty clever marketing! All their packaging is so cute and it just sucks me right in! So during boxing day, they were having 50% off sale! I actually went to two different shopping centers in Vancouver to find items on sale but nothing was in stores so I had to do some online shopping.

It just arrived now. Almost a month later. Not impressed.
But they wrote an apology letter and I guess their server just got too clogged up. Anyways this is what I got. In total I spent just over $50!

Holiday Crackers Set- I mainly just wanted Santa's Secret which was sold out everywhere
The Cocktail Collection- they actually included recipes for alcoholic cocktails with teas!
6 Sample packs they sent for free.

There's more in the box!! :)

Blooming Teapot- a transparent tea pot I will bring back to residence
Bubble Teapot- giving it to my parents for at home
Asian style mug- a tea mug with a diffuser!
100 pack tea filter- so you can drink tea with any mug.

So that's my haul! This supply will probably last me for at least half a year!
I don't drink that much tea which is why I like going to David's Tea as opposed to buying boxed tea at the supermarket too. I can just buy 10g of each flavor and it would only cost $1-$2 each and I can sample so many flavors!

Do you guys enjoy tea? Anybody have a David's Tea craze too?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss

Baby Lips came out last year and took the beauty community by storm. I bought this in September but never opened it because I was trying to finish other lip balms. I finally started using it last week and unfortunately my experience wasn't as great as all the raves I read about.

Swatched on my hand.

Smeared on a tissue.


I was really excited to use this but I would not say this is my favorite lip balm. When I first opened it, it smelled yummy like fuzzy peaches but now the taste/smell is kind of off putting. The main problem is that when I put on lip balm, I tend to put on quite a few layers. This makes the color look really nude, shimmery, and unnatural. Some people say it's really sheer. But for me, it's too pigmented for a lip balm.

It is moisturizing but I haven't noticed any improvements in my skin texture. Also I feel like the lip balm settles into my lines and make them more noticeable. So all in all, I would not recommend this. The packaging is cute but also cheap looking.


Bare Lips

Just one layer

How I usually smear on lip balm. Makes my lips look frosty and unnatural.

Lip Balm Ratings
Moisturizing: 8/10
Scent/Taste: 3/5
Packaging: 4/5
Longevity: 4/5
Value: 5/5
Overall: 25/30 B

Review: Lancome Color Focus Duo in Round Midnight 302

*excuse how dusty it is, but it's really hard to clean off*

Mine is a sample size of the Lancome Color Focus Duo. The shade is in 302 Round Midnight.
It features a pretty blue based pink and a silveryish grey. Both colors are cool toned and slightly frosty, but no glittery. They have no problem with pigmentation

Here are the swatches on my hands.

My Opinion
Overall, the colors are really beautiful. But I don't like the Lancome formulas. I'm used to Too Faced or Urban Decay shadows and they are very soft and creamy. This one is very hard and I feel like I have to really dig into it.

I rarely see pinks that look good on the eye (not like you have red eye), so if you are looking to branch out from neutrals, this set has some interesting colors. But I'm not personally a fan of hard textured eyeshadow, so I will be passing on Lancome shadows in the future.

Eyeshadow Ratings
Formula          6/10
Pigmentation  8/10
Colors              5/5
Packaging       4/5
Overall         23/30 B



Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review: Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick in Skinny Dip

Sleek Black Packaging

A nude-cream pink color

What they say:  Our flattering silk finish lipsticks are sheer and buildable, so you can customize your look. It has the feeling of gloss...but it's not sticky.

What I say: This color looked so boring in the tube but it's my holy grail MLBB shade. It looks like a silky sheen finish, but when you put it on your lips, it's very glossy! At first there was no scent or taste but after about 9 months now, there's a slight taste of goat milk (?) but it's not too bad. It has really great pigmentation to make my red lips look nude.

Lip Stick Ratings
Pigmentation/Color: 10/10
Scent/Taste: 4/5
Packaging: 5/5
Longevity: 4/5
Value: 4/5
Overall: 27/30 A

I absolutely love this lipstick! At $23, it's not a cheap buy. But the quality is definitely better than the drugstore lipsticks I've tried. I would definitely recommend this to try out!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Science Behind It All: Pomegranate Oil

Second in this series: Pomegranate Oil

I've been using my Burt's Bees with pomegranate oil for the longest time, so I wanted to see what pomegranate oil can actually do for you!

What is Pomegranate Oil? 
-The pomegranate is a fruit that contains hundreds of seeds inside. It contains many phytochemicals with antioxidant actions.

What are the benefits? 
-Studies have shown that pomegranate oil is effective at killing and preventing the formation of both estrogen dependent and non-estrogen dependent cancer cells.
-Pomegranate seed oil is used to heal, protect and moisturize dry, cracked, mature and irritated skin.
-Anti-inflammatory, improves skin elasticity

What is it used in? 
-Commonly used to revitalize dull or mature skin, assist with wrinkles, and to soothe minor skin irritations

How to use? 
-You can buy pure pomegranate oil and just use a little bit where ever you want to add moisture
-Or look for products that contain pomegranate oil like Burt's Bee's lip balm!

Interesting Fact:
It takes over 200 pounds of fresh pomegranates to produce one pound of pomegranate seed oil


Friday, January 4, 2013

Empties: November- December 2012


Since school started, I haven't been wearing much makeup. But now that I see all the holiday sets and palettes from Sephora, I wish I used more makeup and had more of an excuse to buy new things. So this makes me more determined to finish up some of my products. I've gone to giving my mom some items so we can power through things together!

Following is my feeble efforts from the past months.

As the weather turns colder, BBW Candles are my must have items.
I really enjoyed Passion Flower. Autumn Day smells EXACTLY like an autumn day. Pineapple Mango was good but a bit too fruity. And I hated Lemon, it smells like a public bathroom!

Here are some other products.
Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous: will not be repurchasing, did not like this.
Coach Poppy Perfume Sample: this smelled nice but wasn't worth repurchasing
David's Tea- The Earl of Lemon: a lemony twist on earl grey tea
Dermalogica- Special Cleansing Gel: I need to repurchase this, been using it for about 2 years and it's great! Although it's quite pricey so I'm waiting on my mom to go to the spa and pick some up for me.


This month I used up a bunch of boring everyday items haha!

1) Bath and Body Works Candle in White Musk: pretty good scent
2) Pantene Pro-V Shampoo
3) Colgate Whitening Toothpaste
4) Floss
5) David's Tea in Santa's Secret: THIS IS AMAZING!
6) David's Tea in Alphine Punch: this wasn't that good :(

I'm really trying to use up a lot of beauty related products in 2013 so I can buy some new things. I've officially banned (maybe a little leeway) myself from buying makeup until I use up my products. I just moved back to live in my school dorms so I brought only my basics so it will be easier to use up. The things I do want to get are
-a creamy undereye concealer
-a very hydrating tinted moisturizer or foundation
Any suggestions?