Thursday, January 17, 2013

Haul: David's Tea

In the past year I've developed a love for David's Tea! My bf said it's because their company color looks like Tiffany&Co. Pretty clever marketing! All their packaging is so cute and it just sucks me right in! So during boxing day, they were having 50% off sale! I actually went to two different shopping centers in Vancouver to find items on sale but nothing was in stores so I had to do some online shopping.

It just arrived now. Almost a month later. Not impressed.
But they wrote an apology letter and I guess their server just got too clogged up. Anyways this is what I got. In total I spent just over $50!

Holiday Crackers Set- I mainly just wanted Santa's Secret which was sold out everywhere
The Cocktail Collection- they actually included recipes for alcoholic cocktails with teas!
6 Sample packs they sent for free.

There's more in the box!! :)

Blooming Teapot- a transparent tea pot I will bring back to residence
Bubble Teapot- giving it to my parents for at home
Asian style mug- a tea mug with a diffuser!
100 pack tea filter- so you can drink tea with any mug.

So that's my haul! This supply will probably last me for at least half a year!
I don't drink that much tea which is why I like going to David's Tea as opposed to buying boxed tea at the supermarket too. I can just buy 10g of each flavor and it would only cost $1-$2 each and I can sample so many flavors!

Do you guys enjoy tea? Anybody have a David's Tea craze too?


  1. Ah, I'm OBSESSED with David's Tea... and tea in general really! But David's Tea is definitely my favourite.

    xo, alison*elle

  2. ooohhh i got a gift card for david's tea last xmas.. need to check out some of the stuff you have in your haul! :D

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  3. David's Tea is my new obsession :> my cabinet is stuffed with the small silver packages!

  4. like your blog! <3

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  5. Ahh I used to drink tea all the time now I just drink boring water! Time to start the addiction again.

    Life of Ally

  6. I love David's Tea! It's starting to blossom into an obsession and this post doesn't help :p
    My favourite so far is Creamy Earl Gray. Probably old fashioned, but the vanilla is so good with milk and a little honey.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I've followed you :)

  7. nice blog and I need to star drinking tea :)

  8. I just got into David's Tea now that it's available in West Vancouver and bought A LOT over Christmas!