Monday, March 18, 2013

ELF Eyelid Primer in Sheer

How does the $1 ELF eyelid primer perform?

I feel like an eyelid primer is a product that doesn't make a difference if it's drug store or high end. It's suppose to prevent creasing, prolong wear, and make the colors vibrant.

For me, my eyelids never get oily and I don't have a problem with creasing. So what I look for in an eyelid primer is if it makes the colors brighter and if it helps hold the color.

How I Use It: The ELF Eyelid Primer in Sheer has a skin toned color and is almost a lighter consistency concealer. Sometimes I just use it as a concealer to even out my eyelid skin tone and also underneath the eyes too. It's less cakey and heavy than my usual concealers and I use it when there's not really any problems.

How Does It Performs: This primer definitely helps make the colors more vibrant. It also helps bring out a sheen. I think it doesn't do as a good of a job as the UDPP but at 1/30th of the price, it's a much better bang for your buck. It helps my shadow adhere better as well.

Although I only notice minimal increase in length of wear. My eyelids usually can't pack on a lot of color anyways. When I put it on the bottom, it helps my eyeliner stay on, although by the end of the day there is still smudging.

Top 2 are Rimmel Eyeshadow, Bottom 2 are Too Faced Eyeshadow
Left is with ELF eyelid primer
You can see it makes the biggest difference with light shadows.

Final Verdict: I feel like priming the eyelids is a step in the makeup routine that everyone uses but for me it doesn't do anything extra. I will probably still repurchase this because it's only $1 and it serves my purposes. It's great for special events when I need my eyeshadows to pop! But on normal days I usually just wear a sheer wash of color and mascara.

Is eyelid primer an important part of your makeup routine?

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  1. I have recently purchased the same product and have yet to try it :) This is my first eyeshadow primer and im pretty excited :)