Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Rimmel Glam Eyes in Urban Flower

This is my current eyeshadow palette that I'm using. The colors are so soft and perfect for spring.

Close up of the colors

Rose Gold
Icy Pink
Cool Brown
Light green

Bottom row has ELF eyelid primer

The main problem with this palette is the pigmentation. I can barely get any colors to show up!

How I use it
Usually I just use the rose gold as an all over color and just add eye liner and mascara on.
The green is great for lining the bottom of my eyes when I want a pop of color
The brown is good for defining but I find it's quite light when you apply it to the eyes.
And the icy pink I use for high light but not that often. I feel like the color is unnatural on my skin.

Eyeshadow Ratings
Formula          6/10
Pigmentation  4/10
Colors             5/5
Packaging       4/5
Overall         19/30 C

Overall I would not recommend this palette. It looks beautiful on the shelves  but the colors just do not translate!


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  4. Informative post! I find this sometimes with Rimmel...can be disappointed with the pigmentation of colours.

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