Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review: ELF Studio Blush in Twinkle Pink

This is a review on the ELF haul I did back in January for their Studio Blush in Twinkle Pink. Many people rave about the ELF blush and how it's a dupe for NARS blushes. But for me this was not a winner.

Sleek black packaging

Close up of the color

You can see the gold glitter in the color.

Blush + TM on the right side (of the picture).

Twinkle Pink on Cheeks

  • The price- it's only $3
  • The packaging
  • Too much glitter
  • Powder flies everywhere when you apply it
  • Not too much pigmentation
Overall it's not a bad blush but I hate it because I hate glitter. The other annoying thing about this blush is that a lot of powder flies up when you dip your brush in making the application super messy. Also, I can't really get the color to show up on my cheeks.
However, if you like glitter this could be a great choice if you are just starting with makeup.

I always hear about how these blushes are nicely pigmented, is it just me that's getting bad ELF products?


  1. haha sadly... i've never done well with ELF either. it sucks cuz i want to like ELF so bad since it's so affordable, but nothing ever works out for me. brushes are not bad tho imo, but that's it =(

  2. This doesn't look to similar to Orgasm, orgasm is a lot more pigmented and more of a shimmer than a glitter :)

  3. I have several elf blushes and my favorite is Candid Coral in the Studio Blushes. It has a small amount of shimmer and I love the light peachy tone. They do have a ton of fall out when you swirl your brush so I've taken to just patting a couple times.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm quite behind on comments because I've been busy decorating my new place :) Btw the blush looks amazing, it even reminds me of NARS orgasm!


  5. I like elf blushes. Great post.

  6. Hi thanks for your comment... This is a beautiful colour I would live to try some elf bits but never got round to ordering
    Thanks again
    Claireefairee. Xx

  7. Super glittery blushes don't appeal to me either :(

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  8. not a massive fan of the glittery blushes, but this is a really lovely colour xx


  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your blog by the way.. ;) Following now.. :D My schedule has been hectic lately. I will continue posting more stuff after next week.. :)

  10. thanks for sharing! I have been wanting to try elf blushes, but I don't think I'll be reaching for this one! That's too bad about the glitter.

  11. I agree with you on the E.L.F. one having too much glitter :( it's a pity though as it is quite a cute pink and the colour can be packed on to preference.
    I've got that shade as well the 'Candid Coral' (warm coral - must have) and 'Gotta Glow' (highlighting) shades.
    If you were looking for a pink that doesn't have glitter in the E.L.F range, I think 'Tickled Pink' is more of an option but to me, it looks almost similar to the Candid Coral one I have.
    Would rather use that Twinkle Pink mostly in the evenings so the glitter doesn't stand out too much lol.