Monday, June 17, 2013

Haul: Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale

I'm a huge fan of bath and body works candles so I've been waiting for a while for their semi annual sale.
However, I wasn't too pleased with the current selection and spent significantly less than budgeted. So I guess that's a good thing!

This is their sale poster.

Here's what I picked up!

Bali Mango Triple Moisture Cream $4
-This was kind of one of those random things I grabbed because I was curious about it.

Small Candle in Peach Bellini $6.25 
-I was planning on grabbing many more candles but at $6.25 it's still pretty pricey

Scent portables Buy 3 get 1 Free $12
-I wanted to get some good smells in my car so I bought these!
-The margarita cup I put in a fruity cocktail scent, and the blue bow one has a pineapple vanilla smell

There was a survey code at the bottom that's $10 off for $30 purchase. So I might go back and pick up some hand cream and candles if it's more discounted.

However, I read on someone's blog that she wasn't a fan of bath and body works lotion and I never realized how heavily perfumed and moisturizing it is. I probably won't continue buying the body lotions. But their candles are to die for!

Are you guys a fan of Bath and Body works? Did you pick up anything in their sale?


  1. Yes I took advantage of this sale too... Kinda went a little overboard! Haha I am planning a haul post when my things arrive since I ordered online. I got bali mango in a travel size out of curiosity too (mango isn't my favorite). So we'll see how it all turns out! Good little haul (:

  2. Thank you for sharing! I didn't know they had a sale. I really want their candles :)


    p.s. what's the 50 pho challenge? do you eat pho 50 times in a year?

  3. Aaaaw.. I'm so jealous! >.< here in the Philippines, they have no candles. Only lotions, fragrances and body wash. :(

  4. I love Bath and Body Works! Good haul :D