Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Empties: June

I addeded little emoticons after each item to give a quick glance at if I liked it, it was average, or I didn't like it. Hopefully it is helpful if you don't want to read through everything!
I'm quite happy with what I've finished considering I've been working all month AND going to school so I barely had time for makeup.

Makeup Items

BBW Body Lotion in Midnight Pomengranate  :(
I'm really glad to be done with this. I found the smell a little over powering. It's more of a night time scent I think. I'm trying to go through my BBW lotions and move onto something more natural. Is the Body Shop or Fruits & Passions better?

Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist :)
I use this mist after cleaning and before moisturizing. I really like it because my face gets dry after washing so this makes it feel really good when I spray it. However, I haven't repurchased since I finished and there's been no difference in my skin so maybe it's not worth the $60+ pricetag. It's definitely a nice product though.

Lancome L'extreme Mascara  :/
This mascara really separates the lashes. But I actually don't like the waterproof formula. After I take off my makeup, there's still always smudged mascara the next morning. I swear a wrote a post about this mascara but I can't find it!

Stila Lip Glaze in Splendor  :)
I'm starting to really like the Stila lipglazes. This was a nice neutral color and perfect for the office. I would recommend getting the sets Stila puts out for their lip glazes. It's good value!

Lovestruck by Vera Wang Perfume Sample  :/
Not much too say. It was pretty good but not a standout that would make me go out and purchase it.


BBW Candle in Twilight Woods  :(
I liked it at first but I think the smell is too strong. This candle burned really well though! Went almost to the very end. I would still repurchase BBW candles, just not in this scent.

Finesse Extra Body Conditioner  :(
I bought this when I moved on residence because I needed shampoo and this was the cheapest at the store. I still haven't finished the shampoo but I'm finally done with this conditioner. It's pretty bad, it makes my hair feel heavy I think. I don't like the shampoo either. Don't go for the cheap stuff!!

David's Tea in Santa's Secret  :)
I love this flavor!! It's from their holiday collection and I still had one left over. So delicious, black tea, peppermint and chocolate candy cane flavored!! LOVE

Colgate MaxClean Smartfoam  :)
It's a little weird to post about toothpaste I know. But this stuff is awesome! Best toothpaste I've had. It foams up so nicely and it makes your mouth really clean!

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  1. Hey Angela! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Link here.

    Great post btw! I love David's tea!!! I wish they had one close to me. I've recently finished their gyukoru.

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea