Saturday, July 27, 2013

Vancouver IMATS Experience

I just came back today from the Vancouver IMATS and wanted to share my experience and a haul. I went with my friend Yu-Shan who is collaborating wth me on this post! See her comments at the bottom :)

The event was held at the Vancouver Convention Center and will be happening tomorrow as well.

Warning: Picture heavy!

Entering IMATS

With the IMATS poster 

What it's like inside

Watching a demonstration.

Haulage :)

Here's what my friend bought!

Velour Lashes 
Mink eyelashes $20
Style: Got from Momma

Red Cherry Lashes
$2.63 each or $4 something for the fancy one with glitter.

Make Up Forever
Lash Style #23 $15
Full Cover Extreme Camoflage Cream Waterproof #5 $25

Morphe Makeup Brushes
My friend built a palette of fun colors!! The whole set was only $10!

Really proud of her DIY palette.

Crown Brushes
Makeup Cleansing Tissues $5
Italian Badger Collection Brushes

Here's what I got! I'm still limiting my purchases so I didn't get too much.

2 Red Cherry lashes
Making up Cleansing Tissues
Crown Royal Kabuki Brush + Double sided Brush

I built my own neutral palette at Morphe Makeup Brushes. The whole thing only costed $10!!!

Really pigmented colors!

See what Yu-Shan had to say about the event!! 

Overall the experience at IMATS was pretty unique! I thought it would be a lot of like... being able to try and test products, and having someone teach how to use the products... but for the exhibitors portion, it was very much like a miniature market place. The one speaker we watched was teaching how to make a fierce fashion show look, with "double brush" techniques. It's always pretty awesome to hear about how the pros do it, so that was definitely a good demonstration to watch to pick up some makeup application tips! Probably the best part of IMATS was the discounted prices. For example, I basically got a set of lashes and a concealer from Make Up Forever for the price of one concealer at the retail price! Pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

I think I would come back some other year, maybe when I've used up all of my products haha, but it was definitely worthwhile!

If you'd like to see more of my personal photos from IMATS, check out the Facebook album at this link.


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    1. Thanks! Those were my friends actually. She wanted some bright colors to play with.

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  7. What a fun looking event and you got such a great haul!


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  8. Great purchases! I love how you got to create your own palettes! If IMATS ever came to Melbourne then i would definitely go :p

  9. I"m still working on what I picked up from IMATs in 2011! Looks like you got some fantastic items though!

  10. Great makeup. The colors in that palette is lovely! Check out my blog if you have a chance!

  11. oh wow, would love to go imats some day! $10 is such a great bargain for a custom palette!