Friday, August 23, 2013

Empties: July + August

Here are my last empties before I jet off to Hong Kong on Sunday!


Josie Maran Argan Oil for Hair :/
It made my hair nice and soft and helped to de-tangle. But I didn't use it for long enough to see if there's any real differences. It smelled pretty nice and I would be interested in trying out a bigger sample

Shiseido Sunscreen :(
When I first opened it, it was runny which I was excited about because it meant the sunscreen will be easy to apply. However, when I put it on my skin, it has a ghastly white cast. I couldn't even blend it in properly. I guess it's spf50 so there's quite a bit of chemicals in there but I had to wipe off the sunscreen because it was so white!

Urban Decay Naked Foundation :)
My HG foundation! I have the full size of this and just brought this sample when I was traveling.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Eye Gel :(
This was a nice sample but it didn't make a difference. Also when the gel dried, it kind of peeled off my face which wasn't appealing.


Love & Beauty Makeup Wipes :/
These were $3.80 for 30 sheets so it's pretty cheap. They are more runny than my ELF ones but doesn't take off makeup as well. They do feel nice though so it does the job, just not on waterproof makeup.

Benefit Bad Gal Mascara :)
This was a really nice mascara that lengths, volumizes and separates. It kind of does everything and I like the big wand!

Rimmel Spark it Up Eyeliner :)
I used this eye liner for a super long time and really enjoy the golden black color. Now that I'm using pure black, it takes a bit getting use to. This color is much softer on the eyes!

Garnier Skin Renew Lotion :/
This was nice and refreshing on the skin but it didn't do anything else that it promised. Good for a hot summer day.


Toothpaste + Multivitamins
They were both okay. I thought the vitamins actually helped me not get sick this year so I might pick up some other brands.

Glysomed Hand Cream :(
I didn't like this because it was unscented. But otherwise it's a cheap effective hand cream and a really portable size!

Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer :)
I love the pocketpacs, they are so convenient and helps keep your hands germ free!

Orizee Yuzu & Shiso Hydrating Cream :/
This lotion was really nice to use and had an interesting smell. However, it didn't do anything special so it was just okay. You can see my review here.

Throw Away 

Various deodorants: I threw away all my old deodorants haha. I never go through them.

Lush- No Drought: Terrible dry shampoo! Left white spots in my hair because the powder doesn't brush out. It also expired, I'm not sure how.

Please post your empties link! I'd love to read them :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

OPI Jasmine One is Never Enough Set

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for months! I originally wanted to post this with swatches on my nails for every color. But I kept on forgetting to take pictures, I'm sorry guys! I want to publish this before it becomes completely irrelevant though.

A couple months ago, Sephora released a collection based on Princess Jasmine from Disney. I had my eyes on this nail polish set as I thought all the colors were very unique and perfect for the summer time! I bought this when I was in Las Vegas :)

One is Never Enough Set
Gorgeous promotional poster. 
The colors in this set reflects the theme well and the packaging is so cute!

Left to Right: Berry tale Romance; Your Wish Is My Command; Fit for Royalty; All that Jasmine; Dream Princess; Aladdin's Girl


One of the reasons I bought this set was because I thought all the colors were so unique! But when I got home, I realized I actually had most of the colors! I did a dupe swatch in my notebook to the most similar shade.

Although none of them are exact dupes, the difference is pretty small where you wouldn't notice it on the fingers. OPI Aladdin's Girl is a really unique color and doesn't have a real dupe! 


Here are two NOTDs using the polish from this set.

All About Jasmine
The color is beautiful!!! It's the perfect mix between mint green and Tiffany's blue. However, the formula is difficult the work with. One coat is very streaky and sheer. Two coats make it opaque but unless you put on a thick layer, the color is very streaky.

Your Wish is My Command
I love this color as well! Such a soft and pretty look on your nails. I found my nails always cracked more when I wore this color. Not sure if there's any connection though or coincidence.

Do you guys buy sets of mini opi polishes? What's your favorite color to wear in the summer time?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Exciting News: I'm Moving

Hellllooo my lovely readers! I want to share some exciting news. I may have talked about it before but I can't believe it's coming up so FAST. In 11 days, I will be packing my bags and going to Hong Kong for four months!!

For those of you who don't know, most universities have partners around the world and you can do a semester abroad.  I've never been to Hong Kong before so it should be an interesting and eye opening experience. I will be attending the University of Hong Kong from September to December.

I will still be posting on this blog while I'm gone so I hope you all stay and continue reading regularly! I will have travel posts as well as posts about Asian makeup review. I'm so excited to hit up Watson's.

During the four months, I hope to visit many cities in Southeast Asia. So if you are from there or have been, I would love to hear your tips and recommendations. I am hoping to visit Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and much more!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Review: Orizee Yuzu & Shiso Hydrating Cream

Hi everyone, I'm really excited to write my first sponsor review! I was recently contacted by Orizee to try out their moisturizer. I was given enough of a sample to use for a week and no other compensation was given. This post will be my honest opinion.

About the Company
Orizee is the first Canadian natural skincare line formulated by the enzymatic power of SakeKasu maximizing skin performance.

They are located on Granville Island and everything is made by hand! They are extremely socially conscious as they are gluten free, cruelty free, and paraben free. For a higher-end brand, they are very reasonably priced.

About SakeKasu
SakeKasu is the nutrient dense, probiotic fermented rice paste that results from sakemaking. It is abundant in essential amino acids. Benefits include: promoting collagen production, brightening the skin, anti-aging, and offering nourishment.

Yuzu and Shiso Hydrating Cream
120ml | $36

I was really excited to try this moistrizer because the description said it would help reduce dark spots. Unfortunately I think what I have on my face are not dark spots but moles. I will be getting laser treatment on it but I am always on the lookout for less extreme alternatives.

This creams contains a ton of healthy and nourishing ingredients including: SakeKasu Extract, Pacific Red Algae Gel, Avocado Oil, and much more!

My Experience

After using it for a week, I can't say I've noticed a huge difference. However, my skin doesn't have any prominent problems so it would be hard to see a difference with any moisturizer.  The smell of this cream was quite unique, it was kind of medicinal smelling but at the same time it smelled good.

The consistency was very nice and it felt soothing on the skin. One thing I noted however was that it took a long time to sink in. And when I woke up in the morning, my face just didn't feel clean. Does that make sense?

I've been using my Dermalogica lotion for the past 3 years or so. I don't think I will be replacing it any time soon. However, I would definitely recommend this Orizee Cream for anyone who is looking for a natural alternative, or wants to support a local business! At $36, it really is quite affordable!!

Looking at their product list, I think I would be interested in their bamboo polish sometime in the future.

Please check them out here:

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Recent Haul: Forever 21, Aritzia, Sephora, Winners

This year, I've been really good at not buying any more new things. But recently the water kinda "broke". With all the new sales going around and some gift cards left over from my birthday, I picked up quite a few things!


Floral High Low Dress- Forever 21 $30
I bought this for a lawn bowling event held by my employer. And it's the perfect summer date dress.

Floral Shorts- Forever 21 $9
Le Mirada Skirt- Aritzia $25
Both of these are my go to picks for the summer time :)

Talula Shirt- Artizia $20
This shirt is really great for a casual day, and it's quite flattering!

Waverly Top- Aritzia $25
I still haven't worn this yet.

I also had a Sephora store credit I wanted to use up.

Korres Primer + Concealer Duo- Sephora $29
L'occitane Hand Cream- Sephora $12
It's pricey but I'm loving the hand cream!!

And I hit up Winners and of course I had to grab something. The ELF trio costs more than if you buy online, but I didn't want to pay for shipping and I really wanted to try these twist up pencils.

"Beauty blender" sponge- Winners $7
Loving this!!
ELF lip pencil trio- Winners $8
These are not working for me. Two of the shades are glittery which I didn't expect and none of them really match the color on the bottom of the stick.

So that's my recent haul! I'm super excited about all the new clothing and makeup! Have you caught any good sales recently? Let me know what you've bought in the past month.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Asian Flower

I want to share with you a really pretty summer colored lipstick! I bought this lipstick at Nordstorm last year when I went to visit Seattle. The Sheen Supreme formula reminds me of a creamsheen lipstick, but with a runnier and more lip gloss texture.

I would describe the color as a cool toned pink purple. It doesn't feel heavy on the lips but packs on quite a punch of color.


There's a lot of pink that shows through my lips but depending on your lips the color may be more purple!

I would definitely recommend this lipstick if you are looking for something outside of your comfort zone but still wearable!

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