Friday, August 23, 2013

Empties: July + August

Here are my last empties before I jet off to Hong Kong on Sunday!


Josie Maran Argan Oil for Hair :/
It made my hair nice and soft and helped to de-tangle. But I didn't use it for long enough to see if there's any real differences. It smelled pretty nice and I would be interested in trying out a bigger sample

Shiseido Sunscreen :(
When I first opened it, it was runny which I was excited about because it meant the sunscreen will be easy to apply. However, when I put it on my skin, it has a ghastly white cast. I couldn't even blend it in properly. I guess it's spf50 so there's quite a bit of chemicals in there but I had to wipe off the sunscreen because it was so white!

Urban Decay Naked Foundation :)
My HG foundation! I have the full size of this and just brought this sample when I was traveling.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Eye Gel :(
This was a nice sample but it didn't make a difference. Also when the gel dried, it kind of peeled off my face which wasn't appealing.


Love & Beauty Makeup Wipes :/
These were $3.80 for 30 sheets so it's pretty cheap. They are more runny than my ELF ones but doesn't take off makeup as well. They do feel nice though so it does the job, just not on waterproof makeup.

Benefit Bad Gal Mascara :)
This was a really nice mascara that lengths, volumizes and separates. It kind of does everything and I like the big wand!

Rimmel Spark it Up Eyeliner :)
I used this eye liner for a super long time and really enjoy the golden black color. Now that I'm using pure black, it takes a bit getting use to. This color is much softer on the eyes!

Garnier Skin Renew Lotion :/
This was nice and refreshing on the skin but it didn't do anything else that it promised. Good for a hot summer day.


Toothpaste + Multivitamins
They were both okay. I thought the vitamins actually helped me not get sick this year so I might pick up some other brands.

Glysomed Hand Cream :(
I didn't like this because it was unscented. But otherwise it's a cheap effective hand cream and a really portable size!

Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer :)
I love the pocketpacs, they are so convenient and helps keep your hands germ free!

Orizee Yuzu & Shiso Hydrating Cream :/
This lotion was really nice to use and had an interesting smell. However, it didn't do anything special so it was just okay. You can see my review here.

Throw Away 

Various deodorants: I threw away all my old deodorants haha. I never go through them.

Lush- No Drought: Terrible dry shampoo! Left white spots in my hair because the powder doesn't brush out. It also expired, I'm not sure how.

Please post your empties link! I'd love to read them :)


  1. Great post. Always love reading empties :) I actually just did a post like this as well. If you want, you can check it out :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing what helped your little one white spots on back of hands

  3. SO sad that you did not like many of them...

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  5. Loooove the Benefit Bad girl mascara! Works great :) Oh and the hand sanitizer from B&B works is an absolute must. I really like that they have travel size.

    Thanks for visiting my blog girl! :) Always nice to know another Vancity blogger! We need more of those!!