Thursday, August 15, 2013

OPI Jasmine One is Never Enough Set

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for months! I originally wanted to post this with swatches on my nails for every color. But I kept on forgetting to take pictures, I'm sorry guys! I want to publish this before it becomes completely irrelevant though.

A couple months ago, Sephora released a collection based on Princess Jasmine from Disney. I had my eyes on this nail polish set as I thought all the colors were very unique and perfect for the summer time! I bought this when I was in Las Vegas :)

One is Never Enough Set
Gorgeous promotional poster. 
The colors in this set reflects the theme well and the packaging is so cute!

Left to Right: Berry tale Romance; Your Wish Is My Command; Fit for Royalty; All that Jasmine; Dream Princess; Aladdin's Girl


One of the reasons I bought this set was because I thought all the colors were so unique! But when I got home, I realized I actually had most of the colors! I did a dupe swatch in my notebook to the most similar shade.

Although none of them are exact dupes, the difference is pretty small where you wouldn't notice it on the fingers. OPI Aladdin's Girl is a really unique color and doesn't have a real dupe! 


Here are two NOTDs using the polish from this set.

All About Jasmine
The color is beautiful!!! It's the perfect mix between mint green and Tiffany's blue. However, the formula is difficult the work with. One coat is very streaky and sheer. Two coats make it opaque but unless you put on a thick layer, the color is very streaky.

Your Wish is My Command
I love this color as well! Such a soft and pretty look on your nails. I found my nails always cracked more when I wore this color. Not sure if there's any connection though or coincidence.

Do you guys buy sets of mini opi polishes? What's your favorite color to wear in the summer time?


  1. ohhhh i love that entire jasmine collection!! i wanted that spray sparkle thing they had but every sephora i went to was sold out on it >.>"

  2. the jasmine collection is gorgeous! loving all the colors together! :)

  3. The colors are so lovely <3

  4. I really like 'Fit for royalty' Thanks for stopping by my blog<3

    Laila | Townhouse Palette

  5. thank you for the swatches, such a pretty collection of colors. lovely blog as well, would love it if we could keep in contact and perhaps follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin'? please feel free to checkout my blog and let me know on there if you'd like to.


  6. prettttyyy colors <3 damn i really like the jasmine and ariel sephora collection. esp the mirror <3 unfortunately we dont have sephora here, was going to buy it online but the shipping cost a lot huhu.

  7. I love OPI :) However, Essie has some nice colors too! But this set is amazing c: I'd get it myself if it was here!

    I'd really appreciate if you took some time and visited my blog <3 also I follow for follow

  8. I love your idea of swatching the nail polishes on paper! I've never seen it done like that but it's really effective, I think. And great blog as well :) Followed you, would love a follow back!