Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Recent Haul: Forever 21, Aritzia, Sephora, Winners

This year, I've been really good at not buying any more new things. But recently the water kinda "broke". With all the new sales going around and some gift cards left over from my birthday, I picked up quite a few things!


Floral High Low Dress- Forever 21 $30
I bought this for a lawn bowling event held by my employer. And it's the perfect summer date dress.

Floral Shorts- Forever 21 $9
Le Mirada Skirt- Aritzia $25
Both of these are my go to picks for the summer time :)

Talula Shirt- Artizia $20
This shirt is really great for a casual day, and it's quite flattering!

Waverly Top- Aritzia $25
I still haven't worn this yet.

I also had a Sephora store credit I wanted to use up.

Korres Primer + Concealer Duo- Sephora $29
L'occitane Hand Cream- Sephora $12
It's pricey but I'm loving the hand cream!!

And I hit up Winners and of course I had to grab something. The ELF trio costs more than if you buy online, but I didn't want to pay for shipping and I really wanted to try these twist up pencils.

"Beauty blender" sponge- Winners $7
Loving this!!
ELF lip pencil trio- Winners $8
These are not working for me. Two of the shades are glittery which I didn't expect and none of them really match the color on the bottom of the stick.

So that's my recent haul! I'm super excited about all the new clothing and makeup! Have you caught any good sales recently? Let me know what you've bought in the past month.


  1. ahh i really want one of those beauty blenders. everyone is so in love with them but i like to use my fingers lol

  2. i like the shorts, skirt, and shirt that you bought angela :) im sorry to hear about the elf products that you bought. like you said they are really very hit and miss with their products :(

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