Saturday, October 19, 2013

MUJI Drawers

Hi Everyone!

This post is long due! I just want to quickly share one of my purchases in Hong Kong, the MUJI drawers.

I was browsing around the store and I didn't realize it was THE muji store. When my friend told me, I quickly ran over to pick out a set of drawers.

I picked the five drawer one because I didn't bring all my makeup over to Hong Kong.
I also bought a glass jar for my brushes.

The little candle is from IKEA but after buying it I realized we are not allowed to light them in residence.

So that's my mini makeup set up on my desk right now! Currently I'm in Bali and I have a great travel post coming soon as I've been out and about for the past 10 days while on my reading break!


  1. i bought the same drawers when i went to new york!! You cant go wrong with the muji drawers but next time I want to get the 2 drawers that are a bit deeper. The 5 drawer is a little limited with what it can store. Still love it though!

  2. everytime i see beauty gurus post this makes me wanna get one asap. it makes anything look neat and tidy :)

  3. MUJI drawers look so sleek and just awesome for storage! They are not available in Australia, but I'm actually going to HK at the end of the year. Where was the store located?

    x Tashi

  4. I want those MUJI drawers so bad... lucky you and you'll have them when you come back to Vancouver too! Hope you're having fun in Bali... can't wait to see pictures!

    xo, alison*elle

  5. I have the muji drawers too!!! LOVE them, such a good investment.