Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Different Ways to Use Benefit Watt's Up

Hey Everyone! So I'm sure you've all heard and seen the Benefit's highlighter Watt's Up. Especially since it's included in this year's birthday gift from Sephora, many people have this in their collection! I have the trial size as well so this tutorial will be on how to use it without the sponge ended applicator.

It is a golden beige highlighter without sparkle

When I recently started using it, I wasn't too sure what to use it for and when I tried searching online, I couldn't find too much. So here's my guide on 5 different ways to use this product!

1) As a highlighter 
I know this one is so self explanatory but I felt like I should include it anyways! You can apply it on your cheeks, bridge of your nose, under your brows and the typical spots.

Swipe it on using the stick and blend out with your fingers

2) Above your cupid's bow on your lips
If you want to draw a little attention to your lips, put this right in the middle to make it pop and catch the light. It helps to define the shape of your lips.

I swirl my finger on the product and pat it above my lips.

3) As an eye shadow or base

This color actually works really well to neutralize the shade and provide a nice base color.

Either swipe on the product and blend with your fingers or grab the product using a stiff eyeshadow brush. You can also layer the product to make the color payoff stronger.

4) As an inner tear duct color and inner lower lashline. 
This is my favorite way to use it!This really opens up the eyes and make you look more awake.

I didn't extend it out to my lash line but I would use a liner brush to grab the product and then place it on my lash line. The inner tear duct can be done using your fingers or a dense eye shadow brush.

5) Applying it to your whole cheek area
You can use this as a blush if you want a luminous cheek look. This would be appropriate for a night out on the town or for any festive Christmas parties. The shimmer in this highlighter is subtle enough so you won't look like a disco ball. Although still use caution and mix in some matte eyeshadows if you plan to go this route.

I used a small stipple brush to blend this out but fingers would work just fine. Swipe the highlighter wherever you would normally put your blush.

So those are my five ways to use the product! Hope you liked it and let me know how else you use this product or what's your favorite way to use a highlighter in general? :)


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  2. very useful tips. I just received this from my recent Sephora order and can't wait to try it out. I am into highlighting products lately and find when it is applied correctly, really give a beautiful glow.

  3. hi angela! i have the exact same trial size of this product :) i pretty much use it in these ways but i wonder how long does it last on you? it doesnt seem to last very long on me, which is a shame bec the pigmentation and texture of the product is amazing.

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  5. I haven't tried Watt's Up before but it looks so convenient because it is in a stick form (as opposed to a powder!). Great tips for its use, I love how highlighters are so multipurpose! My favourite ways of using highlighters are as an inner eye brightener and on my cheeks :)