Monday, November 4, 2013

Empties: September + October

Usana Proflavanol C :)
These were Vitamin C tablets. I really liked it! It had a citrusy flavor and was easy to swallow and I thought it helped my immune system when I needed it! But it's probably just placebo effect :P

Q-tips :)
I don't think I have much to say about Q-tips haha everyone uses them. I use it mostly to clean up my under eye area after taking off my makeup because I usually still have black smudges from mascara.

Coast Hotel Rosemary Bath Gel :(
This was not pleasant to use at all. And I don't like the scent of rosemary either.

Westin Hotel White Tea Aloe Body Lotion :)
You know how some smells bring back memories? This reminds me of Hawaii and Mexico! Even though I stayed in the Westin Vancouver haha. Love the combination of white tea and aloe.

Re-nu Solution :)
I feel like the Re-nu brand cleans my contacts very well. Would definitely repurchase.

Packs of Tissues :)
Not sure why I'm including tissue. BUT it is a very necessary thing in Asia! And the brown packaging one is scented, which makes everything awesome!

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner :)
This is my first time trying a moroccan oil hair product and I love it! It makes my hair so soft! At least in the shower but it is definitely noticeable. Would repurchase for sure!

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack :/
I loveddd the way this product felt on my skin. But I didn't notice any difference when I woke up. I guess I only used it twice and I don't have big problems to fix. Not sure if I would buy more but it was definitely enjoyable to use.

Biore Nose Strip :/
I felt like I didn't really get any blackheads off. Maybe I didn't apply it properly?

Orizee Yuzu & Shiso Hydrating Cream :/
Read my previous review here. It's an okay moisturizing lotion but nothing to rave about.

Bombay Brow Bar Brow Tamer :)
I really like this balm to help hold my brows in place! And it almost acts like a primer too, because the brow powder would always show up more noticeable when I used this wax first.

BBW Hand Sanitizer in Fresh Lavender :)
Hand sanitizer is very important in Asia too! It usually takes me so long to finish one back at home but I went through this super fast! I wish I had another one here.

Tiger Balm :)
I remember using this as a child in China for mosquito bites. Unfortunately this dried out so I had to toss it. But I bought a new one already!

Lastly, I tossed out my make up bag. I think we forget how dirty this gets sometimes. Take a look and see if it's time to toss out yours!

Most of the things I finished this time are products I enjoyed! I'm working hard on finishing a couple makeup products so look out for that :)


  1. If you like the moroccan oil hair shampoo and conditioner, you might love the hair treatment! :) I really like it and has been on my repurchase list again and agian =)

  2. Organic products always make my hair feel amazing. It's too bad they come in such small packaging but it's worth it because they really work. ;)

  3. I love Organix's shampoos, I'm using the Cherry Blossom one at the moment! I really want to try our the new range they have out :) I got the Laneige Sleeping Water Pack and I agree with you, it feels so nice on the skin but I'm not sure about the benefits either!