Saturday, November 16, 2013

Travel Diary: Guangzhou, Shanghai, Cheung Chau Island

Helllooo! I'm back with another travel post. The past two weekends I went to Guangzhou and Shanghai. Both cities were very similar. They were busy economic cities of China.


One of the highlights was the boat cruise along the Pearl River. Definitely recommended!

A funny sign I found in a mall

Glitz and glam of the Four Seasons Hotel

Overall I didn't find that many tourist attractions in Guangzhou. I went there for the weekend with my friend mainly to shop. There's a center with floors of replica bags. I would definitely recommend the pearl river cruise as a tourist stop. The zoos are also great but I've seen too many animals recently and passed up on it.

This crazy model of Shanghai city in the Urban Planning Museum

The Bund- all the asian city skylines are starting to look the same

The beautiful Yuyuan Garden

Wearing traditional Chinese costumes

The circus show!

I think Shanghai is a great way to see China. Many people have a misconception of how dirty Mainland is but Shanghai was really clean modern and safe! Some of the top tourist attractions we did include: World Financial Center, Yuyuan Garden, Urban Planning Center, and Shanghai Circus World. We also ate tons of Xiao Long Bao!!!! So delicious!

Cheung Chau Island + The Peak

Since coming to HK, I've either been traveling during the weekends or super bogged down with school work. This weekend I took one day out to explore an outlying island of Hong Kong.

Beautiful beach even in November

Taking a raft out

Delicious seafood by the sea

Two months later I finally went up to the Peak! The view was gorgeous but I think I've already gotten used to the sight so it wasn't as impressive. Also maybe cause we had to wait 1.5 hours before getting on the tram!

With just over a month left of my exchange, I hope to really see more of Hong Kong and explore some of the hidden treasures of the city!

Have you been to Guangzhou or Shanghai? Where else in HK should I go??
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  1. I've been dreaming of Shanghai a lot lately. Which is so strange considering I've never even been. It seems like such a magical city.


  2. Your trip looks wonderful :)