Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mystery Influenster Box- Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser

Last month, Influenster partnered with L'oreal to send out two boxes to selected members. The first box was suppose to be a mystery product and once the members tried to guess what brand it is, the next shipment was made out with the full size products. I thought this was quite an interesting campaign!

Unfortunately I never received the mystery box (neither did a couple others that I know), but here is my review on the full size products I received:

Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser

Inside the box were four products, here are my thoughts on them

Fortifying Shampoo
I thought the shampoo did a good job cleaning my hair. However, it wasn't anything special

Fortifying Conditioner
I think this is my favorite product out of all of them! This made my hair feel SO smooth and silky in the shower. Once it dries there's not too much of an effect but I love the smooth feel when my hair is in the water.

Strength Reconstruction Butter
This is meant to be used weekly after shampoo but I think it would be good as a spot treatment when your hair is feeling really damaged. It's a bit thicker formula but I actually found the result similar to what the conditioner did. My hair isn't that damaged though so maybe the results would be more apparent for other people.

Split Ends Bandage Serum
I tried this after blow drying my hair and put a little bit on the ends. It definitely made my hair quite shiny and was a bit oily. I'm not sure exactly what this would be used for. This is suppose to help prevent split ends.

The whole system overall is suppose to "reconstruct and preserve strength for strong hair that looks rejuvenated". My hair isn't very damaged to begin with so it's hard to tell but I've noticed since using it that I loose less hair in the shower :)

Overall, I really liked the line because of it's bright bottle, nice smell (my boyfriend even commented on how nice my hair smells), and the smoothness of the conditioner! Definitely check it out at your local drugstore!!

*I received this through Influenster. If you are interested in signing up, leave me a comment and I can send you an invitation*


  1. Haha thank you for your kind comment! I knit for leisure :) and it's kind of cool how it turned into a small venture of mine! Seeing you're in Vancouver, you should enter my giveaway!

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    1. I did enter your giveaway! Fingers crossed :)

      It's snowing again!!

  2. wow! great box!!! ejoy these products!

    1. Thanks! I'm really loving this line :)

  3. looks great a product !
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