Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review: Rose Wholesale

Rose Wholesale is an online store specializes in trendy items at the lowest price. They sell women's and men's clothing as well as tons of accessories. 

Recently, I had the chance to pick some items from Rose Wholesale. I had $25 to cover the items and shipping and I walked out with four items! Read on  to see what I got and what I think of the store.

Tri-toned Clutch $9.35
This clutch was a lot bigger than I expected but that's my fault for not checking measurements. It's super cool though because now I feel like I'm on top of the "envelope clutch" trend. I love the different colors and I actually had a really hard time looking for a colorful clutch at the mall. 

Pro: Unique style that I haven't found at F21, Aldo etc
Con: PU Leather smell, the chain catches my hair

Set of rings $3.73

I've been looking for midi rings everywhere!! I love the design of these and the smaller fit. My favorite is this inverted triangle and also the bow. I do find the quality is a bit lower than those found in F21 but it really varies. Some of the rings in this set look well cut but others would have some irregularity.

Pro: The style and the fit, super cute designs
Con: One of them had rough metal, one had weird english words, and one's too big

Chunky gold necklace $2.71

This looked exactly like the picture on the website and I think it's a really trendy piece that could work as a statement piece even though it's smaller. I really like the design but it does smell a bit like metal. This would be really cute to wear over sweaters, dress shirts, or with a cute spring dress.

Pro: Looks just like in pictures. Good cross between statement making and low key. Good weight

Con: Smells like cheap metal.

Blush Brush $1.33

I think this was the disappointing item out of the bunch. It's too bad because I've been needing a new blush brush and I thought this would be perfect. Unfortunately the brush itself is a bit too small and the bristles are not soft at all. I don't think I will be using this. Best bet for cheap brushes are by ELF!

Pro: None
Con: Too small, rough bristles, shedding

My Opinion

Overall the best things about Rose Wholesale are the amazing selection, trendy designs, and cheap prices!
The things you should watch out for are the materials they use, and read the measurements carefully so you aren't surprised when you get your items!
My tips: look for items with free shipping as that will really reduce what you have to pay! And also make sure to read what materials make the product. Just remember, the prices are so cheap so the quality is kind of what you pay for.

Shipping took about 2.5 weeks which is average I'd say for the goods to arrive from overseas. I'd suggest not making an order if you need it for an event that's coming up in the near future. But otherwise, it's kind of a nice surprise and almost feels like an accidental present when you do receive it ;) Many jewelry items were free shipping but otherwise it's clearly calculate for you before you check out so you don't get a surprise.

I had so much fun picking out the items and they really have so many items to choose from. It's great for those who like to window shop online. Check them out on FB here!

Have you heard about this company people? Let me know what your favorite item is from their store!


  1. I had a horrible experience with the PR ppl and after looking at reviews for this company will most likely not be shopping with them...

    1. Ooohh no! That's not good! I'm curious to hear what happened? Email me?

    2. It wasn't life-scarring, but I found the PR person incredibly rude. I can forgive the "rough" English as they not native English speakers, but when I asked for help regarding the promo code they sent me, the PR person said to me "Huh? What are you talking about?" When I explained the code wasn't working, she said "Call customer service". She didn't even leave me a number.

  2. I love the gold necklace!

    1. Thanks! I really like the design of it too

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  4. Ohhhhh I love the nail polish color! Reminds me of tiffany blue :) and you should definitely do a vegas trio with your girlfriends, I had a blast when I went with my girlfriends xoxo

    1. Thanks! It's essie's turtoise & caicos

  5. I love this gold necklace <3 i also order this triangle type ring i love it <3

    Thanks for the lovly review :)

    follow me :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! Can't wait to use it in the spring

  7. You purchased some really cute stuff! :)
    I heard about this web shop earlier but I've never bought anything from them. I read your pro and con, I think their products are pretty good considering the prize:)

  8. Purchased some clothing from this store not too long ago. Shipping was pretty fast and the site was very prompt in resolving a certain complaint.

  9. I love the rings' set! I've been meaning to a cute set like this one myself.
    Nice, elaborate review ^_^

    Aparna @
    Doodles, doodles everywhere

  10. thank you for the info~ i've got to know one more online shop i can stop by haha

  11. LOVE the rings! I just bought a set of stackable rings too :)

  12. I love the rings and clutch :3 so cute! The Rose Wholesale got very nice pieces.

  13. Midi rings plus the nail polish ♡ totally caught my eye :)