Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tarte of Giving Eyeshadow Palette Part I

Hellooo everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts, I was on vacation in San Francisco and didn't have good internet connection to do any posts. Here is a post that I wrote a few weeks ago that's just been sitting in my drafts folder! Enjoy!

This is a swatch/review for the tarte eyeshadow palette I got during Sephora's holiday sets. I wanted to do a whole series of these showing you guys how it looks on my eye. But when I was doing that this week (this was about a month ago), I somehow got an eye infection :( 

I can still share with you my swatches on my arms as well as my opinion since I've used it for two months or so! I'm starting off with the top left quadrant. The palette has four quadrant and each quadrant has four shadows and a liner shade. Look out for future posts! I do like the other quadrants better than this one.

Kim's Porcelain doll- cool icey pale blue C
I wouldn't use this highlight because it's too much of a contrast against my skin around my eyes.

Jen's Jump Rope- matte cool toned grey B
I can see this being a really useful blending color

Scott's skateboard- shimmery royal blue F
The color doesn't show up like in pan at ALL. It's so sad because you think it'll be a beautiful royal blue color but it actually just comes off kind of sheer and washed out.

Staci's charm bracelet- metallic silver B
I actually really like this color but it's one of those that's really easy to get glitter all over your face

Nuri's boombox- matte liner shade in black C
I think there's nothing special with this. It came out a bit powdery and also the color isn't as black as I'd want it to be.

Look how pigmented it looks when i dip my fingers in. Too bad that doesn't show up at all. So overall, not super pleased with this quadrant as the formulation isn't top notch.

The winners for my giveaway will be announced tomorrow! I have to study for a final that's tonight! Eek!
What are your experiences with Tarte shadows? Do you stray towards a certain color family? Or what's your favorite brand for eyeshadows?


  1. It's too bad that royal blue doesn't look anything like it does in the pan! It would've been such a gorgeous colour otherwise. I look forward to seeing what the other quadrants are like.

    I've never tried Tarte shadows before, but their other products are nice. I tend to stick with more neutral shades though, but I like a hint of colour every now and again.

  2. I'm always looking for a good palette and I've never tried tarte, although I thought they were high quality. I've always had luck with Urban Decay though.