Thursday, May 29, 2014

Influenster: Impress Nails Review

Today's review will be on the imPRESS nails by Broadway Nails. These were given by Influenster for testing! 

I actually received a box before, but it was an animal print which I didn't like. When I opened up this box, I was much happier with the designs!! I absolutely love the lacey design!

What is it: imPRESS nails are a press on manicure that doesn't require glue. Let's break down what they promise.

1) No drying time. This is very true! Since you aren't applying polish, you don't have to wait for this to dry

2) Superior, lasting shine: This is also true since the colors don't chip and it's already finished off with a pretty shiny topcoat.

3) Easy removal: I found this kind of hard to remove but I didn't soak it in remover. I just peeled it off which hurts a little bit but didn't do any damage.

4) Lasts up to a week: I haven't worn it for that long but it's stayed on for at least 5 days and then I peeled it off. The lasting power is great!

What else I liked: This manicure didn't need to use glue which makes it easier than traditional fake nails. I also don't find that it damages my nails when I take it off which I really like. Each set also has 12 different sizes so you can find one that fits your nail.

What I didn't like: Unfortunately these still leave a gap between my nail and the fake nail no matter how many different sizes there are. A tip I have is to find one that's slightly bigger since the curve is less intense, and then just trim the edges.

Overall I think they're really good for special occasions as you can have a gorgeous printed manicure in minutes! It's harder to wear for an every day purposes because of the gap and my hair gets caught in it.

They have a wide range of designs available and I think the french mani with glitter looks amazing! You can check out all their designs here!

This retails around $8-$10 and I've seen it at Target and Shoppers Drug Mart. Have you tried press on nails? Would you give it a try? 

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