Sunday, June 22, 2014

Event: Essie DIY Nail Tutorial

Last week, I attended my first media event! It was super exciting as the brand was Essie! I think we are all familiar with the white caps and the range of gorgeous colors that Essie is famous for.

During the event, we learned about the history of Essie and how they get their inspiration. It's amazing to find out how much thought goes into each color. Our speaker was Rita who's the leading nail artist for Essie Canada. She was extremely engaging and a very powerful speaker.

One trend Rita talked about was negative space which means to polish only parts of your nail. It looks really interesting and would definitely be one I would try out.

The nail DIY we attempted was called sand and sea. And it's three different colors and it creates a wave on the finger. It was surprisingly easy as long as you pick the right colors!

DIY Tutorial

What the finished nail art should look like, done by Rita.

You want to start off with a light base coat, I choose a beige color called "Sand Tropez"

Then using a contrasting color you want to paint three stripes on your nails halfway down. Make them staggered like a staircase.

Then repeat with a third color and the color in the middle will look like this gorgeous wave that's perfectly painted on.

The blue didn't work out so well so I tried a different set of colors. And don't forget the delicious food from Minami!!

Here are two tips I'd like to share with you.
1) If you are not comfortable with painting your right hand (if you are right handed), start with that hand first. It'll make a big difference!
2) When you apply top coat, make sure to cap off the edge because nail polish shrinks when it dries and it's very easy to chip along the edges.

I had a lot of fun at the event and so thankful of the opportunity. It was amazing meeting some of the other Vancouver bloggers as well.

What are your favorite Essie shades? What do you think of this tutorial?

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