Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Three Summer Outfits

Today's post will be showing some of the summer outfits I have been wearing. These were taken a while ago as Vancouver's been having crazy hot weather recently. But these would be appropriate for a usual summer day here or hot spring/fall days! I will be going on a cruise soon so hopefully blogger automatically uploads my posts for me!

Edit: And it's back to being cloudy and cold. It's clear things get left in my drafts for too long :P

From Work to Play

Blazer- Aritzia
Tank Top- American Eagle
Black Jeans- Garage

The idea here was to kind of cheat work pants with black skinny jeans. And a blazer in a fun print makes a perfect addition for work and for going out.

Lazy Days

Sweater- Aritzia
Shorts- American Eagle

I absolutely love this sweater! The color is so summer and it's really comfy and warm. Being warm makes it okay to wear shorts on the bottom so I have my favorite pair of jean shorts.

Dress Down

Sweater- Store from Hong Kong
Dress- Hollister

One of my favorite trends that I saw in Hong Kong was how much people wore sweaters over dresses.  This dress has a low cut and a cross back which makes it hard to wear normally. But with a sweater over it, I can wear the cute print without having to worry about exposing too much ;)

How's the summer temperature in your city? Would you wear any of these?

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