Thursday, July 10, 2014

Travel: Finding Last Minute Deals at Whistler Blackcomb

Wow this past week has been so jam packed! I was studying very hard for my first CPA module exam. Right after that, my boyfriend took me to Whistler for a spontaneous short little trip! I just want to share some pictures and also some tips.

Last Minute Deals
Since we decided to go to Whistler so last minute, we decided to check if there are any deals available. This is actually available on the official Whistler Blackcomb webpage.

If you don't like not knowing what hotel you will get, here's my trick.

Just copy the description of the hotel, two sentences should be enough. Search it on google, and you should be able to see what hotel the special deal is for! ;)

Find the Lost Lake
This is actually very easy! Lost lake is one of the closest lakes to the village and the "hike" there is quite easy. There is almost no elevation change and the path is big and wide. It would probably be fun to rent a bike and cover more of the trails. I'd definitely recommend checking out the extensive network of trails in Whistler even if you aren't normally into this kind of stuff!

There were loads of people swimming in the Lost Lake. And if you walk around it, there are certain spots where you can get down to the lake and have a more secluded time in the water.

We saw a snake!!! *The black thing on the ground*

Find the Bears
My boyfriend really wanted to see a black bear during our trip. There's no such luck but there are lots of photo opps with bears in the Whistler village! ;)

Our Culinary Adventures
No trip is complete without eating like hungry hippos! I'm not much of a foodie though so I can't quite tell if something's cooked a little off but here's some of the places we went to.

Cafe Lupino: We came here for a quick pasta lunch. It's definitely more of a cafe than a restaurant and there's lots of self service. The pasta was very saucey which I liked, and cooked al dente. But otherwise nothing too special. The game (Germany vs. Brazil) was about to start but their TV didn't have sound! So we ate our food and left for a bar after the first German goal....

And for those of you who watched the game. During those 10 minutes that it took us to walk to a bar......FOUR more goals were scored! We arrived at Longhorn Saloon & Grill to find the score to be 5-0! For dinner, we followed our hotel's recommendation and went to

21 Steps and guess what, there are 21 steps leading up to the restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised by the portions here. Usually fine dining gives you an itty bitty portion. It was a nice treat to dine out and have an upscale dinner and I'd recommend this place. The next morning we went to....

La Brasserie: I ordered the benedict and didn't find it as flavorful as some other places. I love the hollandise sauce and this didn't have as much of that. The hashbrowns were delicious though! 

It was a short but sweet trip! And with the crazy ferry prices right now, it's a much cheaper get away than going to Vancouver Island. What's your favorite spot at Whistler?

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