Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Knotted Side Pony and Tangle Teezer

I recently stumbled upon this hairstyle and have been wearing it lots! It's a knotted side pony and it's great for getting hair out of your face/neck in the hot weather! It looks a bit messy down below but I'd like to think of it as "effortlessly messy" haha! This hairstyle is best for medium-long hair! There's only three steps and I will show you how!

1) Split your hair into two sections and pull both towards one side of your head.

2) Tie a knot using the two sections and pull.

3) Tie a second knot and secure with elastic band.
And that's it! Try it out and let me know how it went :) It's so easy, I didn't even need a mirror to do it!

Along the lines of hair, recently I got to try out the Tangle Teezer sent from Nail Polish Canada. It's a really innovative hair brush and it's designed to get through tangled hair without pulling. The brush teeth are flexible which is why it can bend and not break your hair while you try to brush it through.

Fits in your hand perfectly!

I have really long hair and always loose a lot of hair in the shower and when I try to brush out tangles. When I was given the opportunity to try it out, I was pretty skeptical. I didn't think hair brushes could really be that different. 

But I can really see and feel a difference from the first time I used it. A lot of times my brush gets stuck in my tangles and I need to use my fingers. But this brush actually got through all my hair! It brushed through all my tangles and I only saw two pieces of hair left behind! (I usually loose at least 10-15 strands of hair every time I brush my hair). 

You can purchase this through Nail Polish Canada. It's $14.99 and includes FREE shipping within Canada!

Have you ever heard of the Tangle Teezer before? What kind of hair brush do you currently use? (Mine was a super cheap one just from the drugstore)

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