Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lip Products Collection 2014

Continuing with my make up collection, I want to show you my lip products today! I keep most of my products in two of my muji drawers. But I will always have some lying around the house and in my purse as well. I've actually been going through lip products almost on a monthly basis so it's really exciting to try new things and be able to finish them.

Picture heavy post but enjoy! If you have any questions about shades please leave a comment :)

*I totally forgot to include my beloved YSL lipstick and a couple other products in the pictures* :(

My MAC lipsticks.

Other high end lipsticks

ELF lip products and Burt's Bees

Tarte lipglosses! 2 down,6 to go

These are from the Sephora Gimme some Lips set. Finished 2 already!

Other random glosses

A couple drugstore products! Love the show off lip stain!

My Ideal Collection

Current # of Lipsticks: 14
Current # of Lipglosses/pencils: 18
Current # of Lipbalms: 4

Last Christmas, I bought some Sephora sets that added 14 new lip products to my collection. When I look at my lip products, over half of them are actually from the past year. I can usually go through a lipgloss in a month or so but I've never finished a lipstick before. I think getting 2 new lipsticks and 10 new lipglosses a year will be enough for me.

My ideal collection would be
# of lipsticks: 5
# of lipglosses: 10
# of lipbalms: 5

How many new lip products have you bought in 2014? And have you ever done a count of your "inventory" of lip products?

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