Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Nail Polish Collection 2014

In this post, I will be sharing my current nail polish collection! It's so hard to ever finish a nail polish so I feel like in recent years, my collection kept growing. Recently, I've been trying to toss older colors,and give ones away to hoard less so it's much more slimmed down now. I will be sharing the rest of my makeup collection soon. Hope you enjoy!

You can see my original collection in 2012

I still have the same clear box as two years ago haha.

These are the essie polishes from the Neon 2014 Collection.
L to R: Too Taboo, Serial Shopper, I'm Addicted, Chills & Thrills, Vices Versa, Sittin Pretty

These are my basics.
L to R: Seche Vite, Seche Clear base coat, Revlon base coat, Sally Hansen clear polish, Julep top coat

My glitter polishes. I like to use this over my ring finger or if I do a glitter ombre over my nails.




Deep/Neutrals. I would probably wear this during fall/winter.

My Ideal Collection

Current # of Polishes: 31
Current # of base/top coats: 5

I know this isn't even that much compared to a lot of people but I still feel it's a bit wasteful. My ideal collection would be

# of polishes: 16
# of base/top coats: 4

I chose the number 16 because I had a phase where I was only using the OPI minis. I brought 8 of those on my 4 month exchange and I felt like it was the perfect amount of polish to have. By painting my polish once a week, in four month each polish got used at least twice. Which sounds so little! But if you actually calculated, a lot of your colors probably just sit in your collection. So in the future I'm going to try to pick 8 shades to use every season (fall/winter, spring/summer). I want to give myself an allowance of purchasing 4 new shades every season. And the other 4 will come from my existing collection.

Brands wise I think OPI polishes chips just as easy as some of the drugstore brands so it's not worth the money. I love the Rimmel brush and the NYC formula. I also love the smaller packaging for the Maybelline Color Show. I also really want to explore Zoya polishes!

Let me know how many often you paint your nails and if you've ever gone through a bottle of polish?

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