Monday, September 29, 2014

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Rhubarb

This little guy came in my last year's Sephora Got Lips set and I just got around to using it now! The color is described as a plum rose and I thought was more appropriate for the fall. This is a matte lip pencil that's quickly becoming a favorite of mine! Read on for more of my thoughts!

*PS. sorry for the bad photos. I wanted to get a post out before I head out of town for the week so I had to take them in bad lighting :( *

Bite Beauty - High Pigment Pencil

I have the mini version of this but the full size retails for $28 which is a bit pricey. 

Pigmentation wise, there's a lot of color pay off! It's pretty much opaque on my lips. I also really liked the color on my lips. It's a deeper shade that will be gorgeous for fall but it's totally work appropriate. Lastly, the formulation is really great as well. It's a very creamy product and there's no stickiness to it at all. I'd say it feels like a satin finish even though the color is matte, if that makes sense.

The only bad thing I guess is that you need to be careful with application and since the point can get dull, it could be hard to stay within the lip lines.

Swatch on my hand. It looks like there's shimmer but it's a completely matte color.

Top: Natural lips
Bottom: With the lip pencil. The color pulls very orange on the computer but it's actually a very nice mauve color.
Definitely going to try and update this picture with a more accurate color :P

 I've been really loving this lip pencil and find the mini size so easy to toss in my purse! I would definitely recommend this although I'm not sure if I would buy the full size for $28! A bite beauty lip pencil is in the Sephora Gimme Some Lips set again this holiday season so that's a great way to try out this product!

What do you think about lip pencils and matte colors?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Haul & Review: Kate Spade Laurel bag in Moody Plum

Hello!! Long time no blog! I was recently away in Portland doing some shopping and travelling.

Check out what I bought, $700 later! A full haul post coming soon!

I'm super excited about my new bag and wanted to share my recent love for Kate Spade.

One of their ad campaigns. This model looks like she's ready to take on the office.

I picked up the Kate Spade Laurel bag in Moody Plum. This retails for $335, but I got it at the outlet for half off!

I'm absolutely loving this color and it will be great for fall/winter. 

It's quite spacious inside with a zipper compartment and some key chain holders.

You can also fold in the sides to create a streamlined look.

I'm getting ready for my new job starting next week and this bag will become a new staple! I feel like Kate Spade is a very playful brand but it also has very classy designs! Check out some other cute bags that I'm loving from Kate Spade!

Kate Spade Purses

Kate Spade Purses by angelaqin on Polyvore

Do you own anything from this brand? Or what's your favorite brand for a handbag?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Essence Cosmetics Review!

If you've been inside a Shoppers Drug Mart recently, you might have noticed a new brand of cosmetics in town! Essence Cosmetics  is an affordable brand all the way from Europe. All of these products retail for less than $5 each! I'm really excited to try some of their products and read on to see what I think!

So many pretty colors!


essence longlasting lipsticks: These two lipsticks are super pigmented and apply very creamy. I have Coral Calling which is more of a pink than coral. I also have Adorable Matt which is a semi-matte true red. There is a slightly sweet scent/taste. 4/5

essence XXXL shine lipgloss: Oh man, this color looked sooo cute but it is unfortunately so unflattering when applied. I have the shade Frosted Pink and it is frosty to the point of silver and just does not look classy. Good thing is that it smells amazing and the applicator is flexible which is unique. 1/5

essence silky touch blush: This is probably my FAVORITE product out of the whole bunch! I have the shade autumn peach and it's a super pretty aprioct-y color. Pigmentation is good and smooth to apply.  5/5

Swatches of the above products.


I got some eyeshadows in colors I don't normally wear but it's always fun to experiment right?

essence eyeshadows: These eyeshadows came in different "effects" and had different finishes as a result. There's mint candy which is holographic and I didn't like this because I couldn't get good pigmentation. The blue and the purple are miss atlantis(shimmer effect) and disco diva(metallic). Both of these gave decent pigmentation and were smooth to use. But overall they weren't outstanding. 3/5

essence all about candies eyeshadow: This was the first thing I saw from the whole package cause the colors are so cute! But unfortunately all the colors are super sheer. I think I might display this though since I still think the colors in the pan are so darn cute! 1/5

The swatches of eyeshadows. And the lipstick stain from the earlier swatch haha.


This is the essence gel eye pencil (waterproof). I'm so sorry that I can't find the shade name but this is so gorgeous! It glides amazingly smooth, bright pigmentation, and stays on pretty well! It's also "made in Italy", so fancy *wink*! 5/5 for sure!!

I haven't had a chance to try the essence colour &go nail polishes yet but they have a fat brush which is a good sign! 

Overall, I'm really impressed by the color selection and quality of this value brand! My favorites were the blush and the eyeliner! I feel like essence could really compete against ELF to become a top value brand in North America. The quality is quite good for drugstore although the packaging makes it look kind of cheap. I'll definitely be keeping tabs on this brand and hopefully it'll shake up the expensive Canadian drugstore makeup market :P

Have you tried anything from the essence cosmetics line? Let me know what caught your eye!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cheek Products Collection

I'm in the process of going through all my collections to see what I want to use up, what I might want to through away and at the same time, taking photos for the collection posts!

Today is my cheek products, these are my blushes, bronzers, highlighters. I only recently started getting blushes because my cheeks are quite red naturally. The packaging for blushes are usually so pretty but I do find that most colors look the same once it's applied. So, I definitely want to work through some of my blushes and only buy a few new ones per year.

See my lips collection - here
See my nail collection - here

These are my highlighters. I want to get a new powder highlight as I find the liquid/cream ones still hard to work with with a brush.

Benefit Wattsap, MAC Whisper of Gilt, Benefit High Beam

These are my bronzers. I have two for contouring, and one that's shimmery

Benefit Hoola, Buxom Hot Escapes-Tahiti, Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil

Here are my blushes that are at least one year old.

MAC Launch Away, Tarina Taratino Parsol, Benefit Bella Bamba, ELF Studio Blush

Here are blushes I've gotten in the past year.

The Balm Hot Mama, The Balm Instain, Tarte Memorable, Tarte Cheek Stain, Bare Minerals Blush in The One

My Ideal Collection

Current # of Highlighters: 3
Current # of Bronzers: 3
Current # of Blushes: 9

I actually don't have a lot of cheek products at all but this is an area that I don't really experiment in. I just want one contouring bronzer, one shimmery bronzer, one highlighter and a couple of blushes. I don't really find that changing the color of the blush changes my look so I always get suckered into buying things because of cute packaging haha.

My ideal collection would be
# of Highlighters: 2
# of Bronzers: 2
# of Blushes: 4

Do you find changing the color of your blush changes your look? Tell me about it! I'm very curious haha.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

One Direction Makeup Set Review

Although I've never been a huge fan of One Direction, they are definitely a group that has been making waves in the music industry. I was super intrigued to check out the makeup collection that they've recently released. Of course the band didn't actually design the makeup (I'd like to see a couple teenaged boys try), but it's interesting to see how Markwins would incorporate One Direction into a line of makeup!

There are three different sets and mine is called "Take me Home". There are 7 products inside and range from eye, lips, and nails products.

In summary, I think this set would be great for pre-teen or teenage girls who are just getting into makeup. This works really well with the fan base of One Direction so there's definitely a niche that the marketers are trying to target. The items are fun and the colors are well coordinated in my set. However, the quality and overall performance of the products are just not up to par especially if you already have a good foundation of makeup.

If you want to see specific reviews and photos, keep reading!

Body and Eye Crayon- I didn't really like this product because of how easily it smudged. It was very creamy and pigmented but it's too thick and hard to use.

Eye Shadow Palette- The colors look really pretty but I do have a problem with the pigmentation! The colors barely show up, but I do applaud them for trying to incorporate some matte shades into the palette. I could possibly use the two browns for traveling and this palette is a nice lightweight size to bring on a short trip.

Swatches for Eyeshadow Palette

Pink Lipstick- This color looks super bright in the tube but is actually quite muted. I surprisingly like it as a tinted lipbalm. It's really moisturizing and just a hint of color comes off.

Glitter Lipgloss- Apparently this glows under UV light! I actually really like how glossy this is and the scent. But I think it has just a bit too much glitter and is a bit young for me.

Crayon, Lipstick, Lipgloss

Little Black Dress Mascara-  It's a very simple every day mascara, but it doesn't clump, it lengthens, and it curls! Would be great for simple days. However, I do find it smudges. :(

Nail Varnish- The color looked really exciting in the bottle but actually it's just some multi colored glitter and wasn't too impressive.

Stencils- I was also really excited about this but it was a bit hard to use. It's kind of flimsy so it's easy for color to seep through under the stencil.

My favorites are the lipstick and the stencils! I also like the eyeshadow palette for how compact it is. I would definitely recommend checking out this kit if you know someone that likes one direction. It would also be a great starter kit for someone that's just getting into makeup. Check them out on Facebook

What do you think of this? Do you like it when celebrities come out with makeup/perfume?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Empties! August 2014

Here are my empties from July and August! And I'm still slowly throwing away things too that I'm no longer using. Also, does anyone watch Makeup Graveyard from Tati on Youtube? So addicting haha!

I'm only going to talk about select items, if I don't talk about it, it's probably meh.


Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes: Everyone raves about these, I did like it but I would probably only get it on sale if it's less than $5 haha.

BBW Nourishing Hand Cream- Winter Candy Apple: Loved the scent at first but now it's too strong! And hated it as a hand cream so used it all over my body instead.

Boscia Face Cream: This has SPF 30 so it's a great day lotion. However, bad for my skin cause I'm very dry and this lotion seems to mattify. Would be amazing for oily girls cause this has SPF but leaves your face very dry.


Not many makeup items this month but getting through my lipglosses :)

Urban Decay Mascara: Can't remember how I liked it, read my review haha. Was hard to use in August so I think it's just dried out now.

Stila Lip Glaze in Holly: Brightest lipgloss I've owned! Probably wont' repurchase anymore stila lipglazes for a while but I love their packaging.

Tarte Lipgloss in Spence: Cute pink color! These little guys lasts me at least a month! Still have five more of them to finish haha. I do like these so far!

And two candles from BBW. I feel like they must have re done something because the candle burns a lot further down now, yay! I had the scents Aloha Waikiki and Island Waters :)

Tossed Out

Tossed out my brush cause I got my Tangle Teezer :)
Tossed the blush brush from Rose Wholesale cause it's just too scratchy.
LOVE my Revlon Calcium Gel Nail Hardener, but it's just gloopy now.
Found a Stila lip glaze from my car a couple months ago but I think it smells weird now :(
Letting go of my Rimmel Quad in Urban Flower. This has been used lots!

Only four more months to try and finish my goals!

Would love to read your empties! :)