Thursday, September 11, 2014

One Direction Makeup Set Review

Although I've never been a huge fan of One Direction, they are definitely a group that has been making waves in the music industry. I was super intrigued to check out the makeup collection that they've recently released. Of course the band didn't actually design the makeup (I'd like to see a couple teenaged boys try), but it's interesting to see how Markwins would incorporate One Direction into a line of makeup!

There are three different sets and mine is called "Take me Home". There are 7 products inside and range from eye, lips, and nails products.

In summary, I think this set would be great for pre-teen or teenage girls who are just getting into makeup. This works really well with the fan base of One Direction so there's definitely a niche that the marketers are trying to target. The items are fun and the colors are well coordinated in my set. However, the quality and overall performance of the products are just not up to par especially if you already have a good foundation of makeup.

If you want to see specific reviews and photos, keep reading!

Body and Eye Crayon- I didn't really like this product because of how easily it smudged. It was very creamy and pigmented but it's too thick and hard to use.

Eye Shadow Palette- The colors look really pretty but I do have a problem with the pigmentation! The colors barely show up, but I do applaud them for trying to incorporate some matte shades into the palette. I could possibly use the two browns for traveling and this palette is a nice lightweight size to bring on a short trip.

Swatches for Eyeshadow Palette

Pink Lipstick- This color looks super bright in the tube but is actually quite muted. I surprisingly like it as a tinted lipbalm. It's really moisturizing and just a hint of color comes off.

Glitter Lipgloss- Apparently this glows under UV light! I actually really like how glossy this is and the scent. But I think it has just a bit too much glitter and is a bit young for me.

Crayon, Lipstick, Lipgloss

Little Black Dress Mascara-  It's a very simple every day mascara, but it doesn't clump, it lengthens, and it curls! Would be great for simple days. However, I do find it smudges. :(

Nail Varnish- The color looked really exciting in the bottle but actually it's just some multi colored glitter and wasn't too impressive.

Stencils- I was also really excited about this but it was a bit hard to use. It's kind of flimsy so it's easy for color to seep through under the stencil.

My favorites are the lipstick and the stencils! I also like the eyeshadow palette for how compact it is. I would definitely recommend checking out this kit if you know someone that likes one direction. It would also be a great starter kit for someone that's just getting into makeup. Check them out on Facebook

What do you think of this? Do you like it when celebrities come out with makeup/perfume?

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