Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Spark Plug

I'm bringing you guys a quick review on the Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Spark Plug. This lipgloss came in the Beauty in Bloom set this Spring, see the post here. It's a mini sized lipgloss but lasted me a good month with consistent use.

Applicator: This lipgloss has an interesting applicator. It's sponge tip but the shape is slanted so that the flat part can cover your lips. I think some people really like it but my lips are small and the applicator is a bit too big haha.

Color: I would describe it as an orange-y brick color. There's shimmer in the lipgloss but no glitter or any obvious sparkle. On my lips, it's quite neutral and just adds a layer of color. The payoff is better when swatched than on my lips.

Texture: This lip gloss definitely has a pretty thick texture! However it's not as sticky as MAC lip glosses. This has a peppermint smell and it slightly tingles on the lips! I really like that part of the lip gloss. I find that since it's thicker that it settles into my lip lines which can be unflattering.

Before and After. The color is quite neutral so it doesn't really appear on my lip. But it is actually pigmented.

Overall it was okay but it didn't blow me away. I know lots of people love these lipglosses because of the applicator and the pigmentation. But I just thought the texture was too thick for my liking.

Have you ever tried the Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Nail Ideas

I can't believe it's just about a week away from Halloween! Have you guys gotten costume ideas yet? I'm the worst at being creative and I usually just wear a devil ear or something. If you have any good ideas, make sure to let me know! :)

Today's post will be about different nail ideas you can do for Halloween! I feel like it's the perfect time to go a little crazy and experiment on your nails.

Instead of showing you guys how to do them because I am sooo bad with nail art, I decided to just compile some tutorials that could give you ideas!

1) Use Orange & Black

These two colors together screams Halloween so pair it together for a perfect look. In this picture a thin strip of black is used on top of an orange base. This should be really easy to do!

2013 fall nail trends | Fall Nail Art Trends | Hersday Hot Tips | www.wbli.com
Credit: wbli.com

2) Paint a Ghost

This looks surprisingly easy too! You just need black and white polish. I might actually try this and report back to you guys! ;)

Gorgeous ghost nail art.
Credit: Makeup.com

3) Get Bloody

This tutorial won't matter if you are messy because that'll just add to the look. Perfect.

Halloween nail art: how to do bloody nails
Credit: PopSugar

4) Use Press on Nails

Or if you are like me and want a quick fix for one night of fun, press on nails are a really good option! imPRESS Press-On nails have 6 different Halloween patterns that range from cute to scary! These are so easy to use because you can just peel off the sticker, and then stick it on to your nail.  They last a surprisingly long time but I usually take it off after the event or after a couple of days just because I'm not used to having fake nails on.

Check out some of the designs!

These retail for about $8 and includes 24 nail covers. So you have enough for two full manicures which will definitely last you through the Halloween parties!

I tried a couple last week and I think I will be wearing this set for Halloween!

Any ideas what your Halloween plans are? And as I said above, please link me to any interesting costume ideas! I don't want to be a bunny/mouse/cat again!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

NYC Challenge: Black Magic & Voodoo Witchcraft

This month, the NYC Beauty Pro challenge is the theme of black magic & voodoo witchcraft. It's a very appropriate theme as Halloween is coming up! I love trying different makeup looks for Halloween because as Mean Girls said, no one can judge you on this day!!

Check out my take on the "black magic" theme with my badgirl rocker side makeup haha!

The NYC products I used to create this look:

-HD Trio Eye Shadows in:
785 Central Park Plums
786 Skyrise steels

-Expert Last Lip Colors in:
442 Berry Me
444 Chocolate Chip

-Show Time Velvet Eyeliner in:
Black Velvet

For my face I did a really strong brow and contoured with my Benefit Hoola. I didn't use any blush because I wanted to keep an angled look.

For my eyes I used the beige color in Central Park Plums Then I used the silver from Skyrise Steel on the inner half of my eyes and the black on the outer half and blended upwards. I used the eyeliner on the top and bottom but I didn't connect the ends so it looks like two lines on the side! To finish off the look, I used lashes from Kiss.

For my lips I used Chocolate Chip all over and Berry Me in the middle to create an ombre effect!

Hope you liked this look! It's always fun to play around with makeup with looks that you might not wear everyday.

See my August NYC look here

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Favorite Fall Lip Products

With the weather turning colder and leaves turning red, it's also time to pull out and rotate into my fall lip products. I usually go for slightly darker colors but not so dark that it's vampy. I've picked 4 colored products and 2 lip balms for my favorite fall lip products!

1. Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Rhubarb

I just wrote a review on this so I won't go into much detail. But I love the finish and the ease of use of this product. See review here.

2. MAC Creamsheen Glass in Narcissus

I got this lipgloss over a year ago but for some reason just tossed it into my collection without wearing it. I originally wanted it to pair with my MAC Style Curve lipstick. But this is actually so gorgeous all by itself! It looks purple but pulls more pink on the lips and would be an amazing color to wear for a night out.

3. Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Fig

My friends got this lipstick for me in April. While I haven't worn it much since then, now it's the perfect time to bring out this plummy-berry color! I love wearing this to formal events such as my graduation because of the finish.

4. YSL Rouge Volupte Sheer in #5

This is definitely the most luxurious lipstick I own. The color is a really juicy red and applies with a lipgloss finish. The scent is so delicious and the packaging is just divine!

Swatches L to R: Bite, MAC, Smashbox, YSL

1. EOS in Vanilla Mint

These are the new EOS lip balms that came out with the striped packaging. I think the formula is still the same as before. This is really good for wearing underneath lipstick. Since most lip balms are too thick, lipsticks slide around. The formula of EOS is much thinner and works well as a base.
Also, how cute is the packaging!? This sits on my nightside table.

2. Nivea Pure & Natural in Mint & Minerals

I just realized both of these kind of smell the same haha.This is my current go to bedtime lip balm. It's quite thick and creamy and works well to hydrate throughout the night!

I've seen a few of these posts floating around so link yours and I will definitely check it out!

Also have you seen the new holiday sets from Sephora?! So much drools!!! <3<3<3

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fabulous Finds from The Body Shop

When I think of The Body Shop, I think of body butters, shower gels, and Satsuma!! But recently I've discovered some really neat and unique items! Today I will be sharing two of them: Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate and the Spa Fit Firming & Toning Gel-Cream Massager.

Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate

First of all, HOW CUTE is this advertisement!! It totally caught my eye.

This product is suppose to make your eye area look younger by erasing fine lines and reducing dark circles! It's modeled after the drops of youth concentrate but now it's made specially for your eye area!

Ingredients: The interesting ingredient in this product comes from the Edelweiss flower. The stem cells of this flower has some incredible renewal properties that will help with younger looking skin! I don't know how the scientists figured this out but sounds good to me! :)

I don't really see any signs of aging yet around my own eyes, but my dark circles have gotten pretty bad recently! I only started using this so I will have to keep you guys updated on any progress. But overall, it's a very unique product that makes it fun to take care of your eye area.

You would push down on the pump and the product would come out. Then you would roll this in a figure 8 around the eye area and pat in.

Product: The serum is very silky and feels refreshing! This would be great to use in the morning to wake up those tired eyes. After using, my skin feels smoother and there was a pleasant cooling effect.  I didn't notice any instant firming or younger looking skin (I look too young anyways) but I will keep you guys updated after continual use.

You can use your eye cream in addition to this serum and is suitable for all skin types. This retails for $30 at The Body Shop. I enjoyed the product and would recommend you to try it if you are looking for a reasonably priced eye treatment. But if you don't have any problems around the eyes, $30 might be kind of pricey to just have a refreshing effect.

 Spa Fit Firming & Toning Gel-Cream Massager

This looks super intimidating at first, but is legit the coolest thing ever! This is a lotion that has a massage head attached to the bottom of it.

To use, you twist the tube, squeeze out the product and twist the tube back. Then you just massage the product into your skin using the tool! It feels soooo nice especially when there's lots of product. Be careful not to push too hard because it can hurt!

I can actually feel the cream "firming". After I applied it all over my body, it made my skin feel tingly. I think it's hard for a cream to actually help you LOOK more toned, but this at least makes you FEEL more toned!! The scent is quite uplifting with notes of citrus and grapefruit.

This product retails for $30 at The Body Shop. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for something different than your usual body lotion! This would also make a great gift! I really like it and it's so nice to use to relax in bed or to massage my muscles after working out!

Have you seen these products from The Body Shop before? Or what's your favorite thing from there?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Three Work Friendly Outfits

Last week, I started my first week of my new job! It's been pretty exciting but hanging my closet from casual to work appropriate has been quite the struggle. I will be sharing a few of my outfits to maybe inspire you if you are in the same position! I bought quite a few of these things when I was in Portland!

Option 1: Dress + Cardigan

Tip: Wear a cardigan in one of the colors in your dress! Finding a bright colored cardigan will be great to brighten up your day and your co-workers' in the office!

Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT- Here
Cardigan: Urban Planet- Similar Here

Option 2: Dress Shirt + Pants

If you can't find anything to wear, you can't go wrong with a dress shirt.

Tip: Pick a pair of pants that are skinny cut and ends right above your ankle. I find this length/fit to be the most flattering to wear with flats! Heels always make you look better, but who really wants to wear heels all day right?

Dress Shirt: Banana Republic- Similar Here
Pants: H&M- Similar Here | Here

Option 3: Sweater + Statement Necklace

Tip: Pick a necklace that has a color that is very contrasting to the rest of your outfit. Since it's such a small part of the whole outfit, don't worry too much about matching. The necklace will help add contrast and interest to an otherwise average sweater.

Sweater: Old Navy- Here | Here
Necklace: Forever 21- Here

Of course, all this shopping leaves me broke and trying to find good deals around the internet. I recently bumped into a site called CupoNation which has coupon codes for different retailers. They have a bunch of coupons for ASOS which is exciting and I've been online window shopping on ASOS now! They also have coupons for hotels.com which I wish I knew about because I used hotels.com to book my hotels for Portland! If you like looking for coupon codes when online shopping, you can see if there's anything for you on their site!

Hopefully this was interesting and informative for some of you :P.  It's definitely an interesting time for me right now transitioning into a "lady" with my new job.

Where do you like to go for your work clothes? What's your go to office wear?