Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Nail Ideas

I can't believe it's just about a week away from Halloween! Have you guys gotten costume ideas yet? I'm the worst at being creative and I usually just wear a devil ear or something. If you have any good ideas, make sure to let me know! :)

Today's post will be about different nail ideas you can do for Halloween! I feel like it's the perfect time to go a little crazy and experiment on your nails.

Instead of showing you guys how to do them because I am sooo bad with nail art, I decided to just compile some tutorials that could give you ideas!

1) Use Orange & Black

These two colors together screams Halloween so pair it together for a perfect look. In this picture a thin strip of black is used on top of an orange base. This should be really easy to do!

2013 fall nail trends | Fall Nail Art Trends | Hersday Hot Tips |

2) Paint a Ghost

This looks surprisingly easy too! You just need black and white polish. I might actually try this and report back to you guys! ;)

Gorgeous ghost nail art.

3) Get Bloody

This tutorial won't matter if you are messy because that'll just add to the look. Perfect.

Halloween nail art: how to do bloody nails
Credit: PopSugar

4) Use Press on Nails

Or if you are like me and want a quick fix for one night of fun, press on nails are a really good option! imPRESS Press-On nails have 6 different Halloween patterns that range from cute to scary! These are so easy to use because you can just peel off the sticker, and then stick it on to your nail.  They last a surprisingly long time but I usually take it off after the event or after a couple of days just because I'm not used to having fake nails on.

Check out some of the designs!

These retail for about $8 and includes 24 nail covers. So you have enough for two full manicures which will definitely last you through the Halloween parties!

I tried a couple last week and I think I will be wearing this set for Halloween!

Any ideas what your Halloween plans are? And as I said above, please link me to any interesting costume ideas! I don't want to be a bunny/mouse/cat again!

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