Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Three Work Friendly Outfits

Last week, I started my first week of my new job! It's been pretty exciting but hanging my closet from casual to work appropriate has been quite the struggle. I will be sharing a few of my outfits to maybe inspire you if you are in the same position! I bought quite a few of these things when I was in Portland!

Option 1: Dress + Cardigan

Tip: Wear a cardigan in one of the colors in your dress! Finding a bright colored cardigan will be great to brighten up your day and your co-workers' in the office!

Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT- Here
Cardigan: Urban Planet- Similar Here

Option 2: Dress Shirt + Pants

If you can't find anything to wear, you can't go wrong with a dress shirt.

Tip: Pick a pair of pants that are skinny cut and ends right above your ankle. I find this length/fit to be the most flattering to wear with flats! Heels always make you look better, but who really wants to wear heels all day right?

Dress Shirt: Banana Republic- Similar Here
Pants: H&M- Similar Here | Here

Option 3: Sweater + Statement Necklace

Tip: Pick a necklace that has a color that is very contrasting to the rest of your outfit. Since it's such a small part of the whole outfit, don't worry too much about matching. The necklace will help add contrast and interest to an otherwise average sweater.

Sweater: Old Navy- Here | Here
Necklace: Forever 21- Here

Of course, all this shopping leaves me broke and trying to find good deals around the internet. I recently bumped into a site called CupoNation which has coupon codes for different retailers. They have a bunch of coupons for ASOS which is exciting and I've been online window shopping on ASOS now! They also have coupons for hotels.com which I wish I knew about because I used hotels.com to book my hotels for Portland! If you like looking for coupon codes when online shopping, you can see if there's anything for you on their site!

Hopefully this was interesting and informative for some of you :P.  It's definitely an interesting time for me right now transitioning into a "lady" with my new job.

Where do you like to go for your work clothes? What's your go to office wear?

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