Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wild Argan Oil Collection from The Body Shop

Recently, The Body Shop released a new collection featuring the Moroccan Wild Argan Oil. Growing up, I've become familiar with the well known scents such as Satsuma and Pink Grapefruit. I was really intrigued to try this new scent and see if it's up my alley.

The whole collection has 9 products and I was sent 4 to try out. I got the body lotion, bubble bath, miracle solid oil, and the massage soap (not pictured).

Moroccan Wild Argan Oil: I remember discussing the Body Shop's social initiatives in one of my business classes before and always are curious to see what they are doing for the community. In this collection, The Body Shop is working with a cooperative created by women in South West Morocco. The partnership gives these women a chance to earn higher wages and help support their family. Since the cooperative is in the villages, this project helps the rural agricultural communities from the grassroot level.

Bubbling Bath 250mL / $12
I have to be honest, I didn't use this to take a bath. I usually take showers and just don't like the thought of sitting in my bathtub. So unfortunately I couldn't see how well this performed as a bubble bath but it was a good shower gel? 3/5

Body Lotion 250mL / $12
I am really enjoying this product and it's sitting on my night table now! The body lotion is slightly thicker than other brands such as BBW or Fruits & Passions. I really like the texture of it and the product absorbs nicely. The scent is quite strong so if I put it all over my body before going to bed, it's a bit too much. But it smells really good! Smells like honey and nuts, and quite tropical. The product hydrates my skin and keeps it nice and soft all day! 5/5

Say hello to my dry legs!

This product sounds super cool but unfortunately I'm not a huge fan of it. In the tin, it's solid, but once you put your fingers on the product, it melts and you are able to swirl your fingers around to pick up the oil. It is quite moisturizing for extra dry areas, but I hate how it leaves my finger oily too. For me, the body lotion is enough for most areas, so I will pass on this one. 2/5

Massage Soap 150g/ $6
I loooveee this massage bar! I got too excited to use it that I forgot to take a picture first whoops. On one side, you get these bumps that can act as a massager, and on the other side it is smooth. The soap leaves your skin squeaky clean. The smell is amazing (well all these products are). I haven't used a "bar soap" in ages but I would highly recommend this! 5/5

It looked nicer when it was new!

Overall, I think think the scent is really nice for the winter time and The Body Shop did a great job incorporating Argan Oil into bath and body care products. The Body Shop is having some really great sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (50% off sitewide) so definitely keep an eye out if you are looking to get Christmas shopping done!

Have you tried this new collection? What's your favorite The Body Shop scent?

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