Sunday, February 1, 2015

Vancouver Spas: Lift - The Facial Revolution

Today's post will be a little shout out to a new facial clinic that opened in Richmond a couple months ago! My boyfriend's mom helps at this clinic and I got to go in for a treatment for volunteering on grand opening day.

Lift: The Facial Revolution is half spa and half medical. They are located on Westminster Hwy/Gilbert right across from Richmond General Hospital. Usually, facials are just for relaxation but Lift focuses on producing results with each facial. 

The whole clinic is really clean, modern and well decorated. Their equipment is also state of the art featuring the latest technology!

One of their specialties is the Oxygeneo treatment, which is what I got! There's a machine that does the cleaning for 15 minutes. The physician will hold a brush and move it around your face. And then I think they switched the brush and there will be 15 minutes of a massage. It was super comfortable, I did not want it to end!

The last part of the treatment was this light that went over my face and I had to wear goggles. I should have asked what this was, whoops.

This was my face right after the treatment! It was reallllyyy smooth! Excuse the messy hair :P No makeup, no anything!

Their other specialty is a Photolaser facial which is suppose to reduce signs of aging and can also take away uneven pigmentation. This technology is really effective and can bring your skin back to life!

Here I am with the clinic's owner, Michelle, who's a doctor! She spent a lot of time researching the different technologies in the facial industry and picked the ones that are most effective!

If you know a family member or an auntie looking to rejuvenate their skin, make sure to tell them to give Lift a try! Check out their Facebook and Website for more info!

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