Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Review: Too Faced Better than Sex Amazing Eyes Set (Eyeliner & Mascara)

Okay Too Faced, you got me with your clever naming conventions. But does it perform up to expectations?

I picked up the Too Faced Better than Sex Amazing Eyes set on Boxing Day! It was $14 and contains deluxe sample sizes of Better than Sex Mascara and Perfect Eyes eyeliner. 

Although you can't purchase this set anymore, I thought the review can be helpful for those looking to buy the full size. 

Better than Sex Mascara- 5mL
Full Size $23 (8mL)

This mascara is in a really pretty pink packaging that is very sleek and travel friendly. The brush is natural bristles in an hourglass shape. I'm a big fan of these types of brushes as they usually separate my lashes very well. 

I got a very nice black flirty look out of this. However the trouble is that I end up with little black flecks within a couple of hours! For a high end mascara, I find that quite unacceptable. I wasn't rubbing my eyes or anything!

I would probably pass on this mascara and just go for drugstore favorites like the Maybelline Falsies or the L'Oreal Voluminous mascara.

Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Perfect Black- .8g
Full Size $18 (1g)

The first thing I noticed is that this eyeliner is the most creamy, most pigmented black eyeliner every! I was so excited by how amazing this swatched. However, when I was applying it, I found the creaminess to be a bit much as you have to really control your application. Also, since it's so pigmented, it's hard to make it look even on both sides.

The other thing I was disappointed about is that it does not hold in my waterline. Within two to three hours, the line has started breaking apart. This stays put on my upper lashlines, but I want something that stays on my lower lashes too.

Overall, if you are looking for creamy, this is it! However, I wouldn't recommend it for it's staying power and I found it to be too strongly pigmented for my liking.

Freshly Applied

After 5 hours.

It's hard to tell in the photo, but I had little black flecks underneath my eye from the mascara fall out. Also, the eyeliner has considerably broken down in the waterline. 

Unfortunately these two items were a bit of a dud for me. But I still love Too Faced as a brand. They came out with a bunch of amazing items for Spring 2015 that I'm excited to check out. Here's a link: Too Faced Spring Collection

Have you tried this mascara/eyeliner from Too Faced? Are you eyeing anything from their new collection?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

NEW from TBS: Smoky Poppy- Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick and Body Scrub

The Body Shop recently launched a new collection this year featuring Poppy Flowers from the Ankara region of Turkey. I'm used to picking up fruity, sweet scents from The Body Shop so this was a deviation. This collection features a seductive, euphoric scent and I'd say that's pretty bang-on. The smell definitely makes you feel sexy.

4g, $16
Five shades plus the Universal shade.

I received 40 red which is a true red and the Universal shade which is suppose to adjust color according to the pH of your skin. Both of these colors are suppose to be matte but I like that the end result has a bit of sheen so it's not a flat matte.

These are meant to be used on the lips and the cheeks. But as usual, I found more success with these on my lips than my cheeks. The colors are quite pigmented and creamy to blend. I just don't prefer rubbing in color on my cheeks as that turns my skin red and then I can't tell whether it's the blush or my normal skin!

The lasting power is pretty good and it does leave a slight staining effect. I enjoyed these a lot especially the universal shade because how cool is it to apply a grey crayon to your lips and end up with a seductive color.

40 Red

50 Universal

200mL $20
Currently on sale for $12!

This body scrub contains real poppy seed is suppose to lift away dead skin cells and stimulate microcirculation. I really like the scent of this as it's quite a departure from my normal tangy fruity smells. The scrubs is a nice exfoliant and it leaves a slight oily feel on my skin. But in a good way!

The only thing I dislike about the scrub is that since they are poppy seeds, it doesn't exfoliate away. So once you are finished scrubbing, you have these black dots all over your body which freaks me out. But I haven't heard anyone else complain, so call me crazy :P

Check out the full range of products in this line here. I would definitely recommend giving this a smell next time you are in the mall! 

What's your favorite line from The Body Shop?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Review: Covergirl + Olay The De-Puffer Undereye Concealer

I have been on the hunt for an undereye concealer for the longest time! I grabbed this one at our Vancouver Blogger meet up when we did a makeup swap hoping it would be the lucky one. Read on to see what I think.

This is the Covergirl + Olay "The De-Puffer" eye concealer. There are six shades in total but I got the "Light/Medium" shade since there was no choice heh. The claims of this concealer is that it covers dark circles, the Olay serum which helps puffiness, and the metal applicator that provides a nice cooling application.

It's a pretty cool looking product and it's a great size for a concealer. I find that although it's cooling, it's hard to pat on the product with the metal tip so I would still need to use my fingers.

The consistency is pretty thin and liquidy but this helps me to blend out the product. The coverage is low-medium so this wouldn't be ideal if you have really dark circles and are conscious about it. I find that when I use it, it helps to just make me look more awake and polished but my natural skin color still shows through.

This is light/medium which is actually a pretty dark color and quite orange. I haven't seen the full range in stores but six colors can be challenging to find your perfect fit.

Before                                                              After


As you can see, it does help a little with reducing the blue tint under my eyes. The coverage is definitely less than what some people would want. The price is apparently quite high (~$14) so that may be a draw back as well.

I would recommend this if you are looking for a light coverage concealer that easily blends and feels natural. I would not recommend it though if you have dark circles and want to fully cover up those concerns. 

I think my search will have to continue for my holy grail under eye concealer. What's your go-to? And have you heard anything else about this Covergirl concealer?

Friday, March 6, 2015

Garnier Clean Plus - Review, Demo and Photos

Recently I received this Garnier Clean+ Makeup Removing Lotion Cleanser as part of Crowdsocial. I've been testing it out and I'll be sharing a demo of how well it worked at removing my makeup!

This post will be a bit different from my usual ones. The photos are all quite raw but it'll be like a journey on my face cleansing experience with this Garnier Clean+ Cleanser. ;)

Hello! Getting ready for bed and got to take all this makeup off.

This is what I'm working with. Got some eyeshadow, eyeliner and lots of mascara.

Here's the result with half of my face using the Garnier Clean+ Cleanser. I love the formula of this product as it's like putting on a lotion but it takes off your makeup! I can easily rub it around my eye area without irritation. I was actually wearing contacts too.

Ta-da! Almost ready for bed.

Results: I was really impressed by the formulation of this cleanser as it took off a majority of my makeup with no irritation. As you can see from this picture, I have to say the Boscia Cleansing Oil was more effective. However, I do prefer the texture of the Garnier Cleanser better as it takes a longer time to rinse off the Boscial oil.

Also, I think my makeup that day was quite dark as I was using a Too Faced eyeliner that was just black black black! I think the Garnier Cleanser would be quite effective on lighter makeup days. It is definitely a fantastic drugstore option for an all in one cleanser to take off your make up and wash away impurities. Give it a try!