Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Burn Better with Salt Spring Island Candles

I have always been a huge fan of candles. Something about the way the flame flickers and the scent that fills the room makes me want to light them up year round. I usually buy my candles from Bath and Body Works but recently I got the chance to try out candles from a local brand- Salt Spring Island Candle Company

Their natural and high quality candles have a vintage look and unique scents! I picked "Yoga" and "Hearth" to try out.

Ingredients: I love that the wax is made from Soy which is a renewable energy (eco-friendly). The soy wax is actually GMO free which is even better. The scents are created using essential oils and natural fragrance oils.

Pricing: Quite comparable to Bath and Body Works and other premium candles.
4oz - $8.50
8oz- $15.00
8oz milk bottle- $20.00

Scents: There are currently 8 scents with fun names like Fleur, Moustache, Pomander in their tin cans. There are additionally 4 scents based on warm drinks that are sold in milk bottles.

I can definitely notice that the scent is more natural and less up in your nose. My mom usually hates it when I burn the Bath & Body Works candles but she quite enjoyed when I burned the SSI candles.

*In this photo the wax didn't burn to the edge because my dad blew out the candle too early the previous time. It has since corrected itself and it burns fully to the edge.*

Hearth smells like an indoor campfire in the best way. It reminds me of old rich people sitting around and drinking whisky by the fireplace. It smells so good!

Yoga was interesting smelling. Maybe it's because I've never gone to a legit Yoga studio before, but I didn't imagine it would smell like this! I think this would be a great scent for meditation. It's very earthy and reminds me of temples. (Not that I ever go to one)

*I posted an instagram video about the burn of this being too strong and black smoke coming out. I trimmed the wick and it solved the problem! The owner also explained that the wick is made of cotton and small paper filaments and the smoke is not soot or lead!*

If you are looking to try out new scents or wanting to support local business, I'd definitely recommend checking out what's for sale at Salt Spring Island Candles. You can also find them on Facebook!

Where do you buy your candles from? What's your favorite type of scent?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Travel Diary | Washington State Outdoors- Easy Weekend Trip

During the long weekend, my boyfriend and I went camping in the states. I wanted to share some of the activities we did and hopefully give you ideas for the trip. This was done over one and a half days so it's totally doable during a normal weekend as well! None of the companies listed are sponsored, I'm merely letting you know what I found enjoyable :)

1) Camping in a Cabin

In Washington State, the choices of camping are more diverse than in BC. You can choose to camp in a tent, cabin, yurt, or a platform. Bookings are made through the Washington State Parks site.
We chose to stay at Bay View State Park as it was only about an hour drive from the border. The campsite itself was pretty small and I would probably recommend another campsite.

However, we loved our Cabin! There was a double bed as well as a bunk bed inside so you can fit four people. It's heated, and there's electricity. I also loved the porch and the fire pit that we had outside! I'd definitely recommend it if you don't want to set up a tent or if it's a bit too cold for tent camping.

Cost: $65 + $10 reservation fee USD
Drive: Drive about 50 mins down I-5 and it's approx 15 mins to the west of Burlington
Book Online: Washington State Parks

2) Anacortes Sea Kayak Tours
For our outdoorsy activity, we did a 1.5 hour tour from Deception Pass with Anacortes Sea Kayak. We unfortunately didn't bring our camera/phones alongg. It was an easy kayak trip but it definitely wasn't boring. We even saw seals! Also, I would have never gone out that far into the water if I wasn't guided, so I think it was definitely worth it.

Cost: $39 USD
Drive: Take Hwy-20 west towards Anacortes and follow the signs to go to Deception State Park --> Bowman Bay

3) Taylor Shellfish Farm

I absolutely LOVE oysters, so one of my goals during the weekend was to find fresh oysters from a local farm! What we found was even better as we learned to shuck our own oysters! We got some Pacific Oysters as well as some smaller oysters called Shigoku.

I was just researching online on the Shigoku and apparently it's an innovation of Taylor Shellfish Farm. They described it as having firm flesh and a deep cup which I definitely found true. They were super delicious and I think both of us preferred these smaller ones to the Pacific Oysters.

You have to drive down a slope and you'll end up at their retail store. They have park benches and BBQs set up so you can eat their oysters right by the water!

Cost: $.85 each for Pacific Oysters, and $15 for a dozen of Shigoku
Drive: Drive along Chuckanut Dr and it was approximately 20 mins away from Bay View State Park.

Overall we had a lot of fun being in the outdoors! I think we had some unique experiences without spending too much which is always a plus. Where do you like to go from Vancouver for weekend trips? And if you are from elsewhere, would love to hear your weekend trip ideas too.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Color Block Lips ft. NYC Lip Products

This month, NYC asked us to create a look inspired by Andy Warhol as our monthly Beauty Ambassador challenge. I was inspired by the recent lippies I received from NYC as the colors and quality are amazing!

Andy Warhol's works focuses on pop art which includes popular imagery from media. I wasn't sure how to incorporate that into my makeup look but I did not that his works involved a lot of contrasting color! So with that, I decided to create a color blocked lip.

Products Used:
-NYC Smooch Proof Liquid Lip Stain 
-NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Forever Fuschia 447

I started with the liquid lip stain and painted opposite sides of my lips in red. Since the texture is so light and sets right into the lip, I found this to be a great "base" layer"

I filled in the other half of my lip with NYC lipstick in Forever Fuscia. The name is a bit misleading as the color is a bright pink. These lipsticks are super pigmented! Really impressive for the drugstore and a $1.99 price tag.

It's not the most "everyday" wearable look but I thought this was fun and quite unique. It also works well if you use two similar colors, and that way it can definitely be wearable!

Also, check out my recent tutorial that's also very "fun" and out there featuring NYC eyeliner!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette- Spring Colors and Pan that Palette Challenge

A few weeks ago, I posted on Instagram swatches of some beautiful shades. Those swatches came from the Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette. This was one of my first high end eyeshadow palettes and my boyfriend bought this for my birthday 3 years ago. Since then, I drool over the packaging every time I bring it out, but I realize it's time that I need to start using this. 

Sharing with you guys some photos, swatches, and ways I've been using the shadow.

Gorgeous packaging!

There are 9 shades in total with 3 larger and 6 smaller pans quite common of Too Faced eye shadow palettes. This retails for $47 and is available online. What draws me to this palette are the wearable shades that are not so neutral!

The formula of these are top notch. Pigmented, soft, blendable! Although I'm finding right now that the shadows are slightly powdery, but I'm not sure if it's because I've had it for so long. 

The colors in the middle row are my favorite. I do wish that they had more variety in the lightest shades as I find Kiss the Bride and Bouquet Toss looks very similar on my lid. 

Here are some swatches of the lightest and middle columns.

And a better look at the darkest column.

I actually also decided to join in on Pan that Palette Challenge with this palette. If you haven't watched the original, check it out here where Amber uses up her ENTIRE naked palette!

I've mostly been using I Do and Cut the Cake all over my lid. I'll blend that out with Ever After in the crease if I have more time. 

To use up the shadows more, I've been using Soulmates as a face highlighter by dipping a fan brush into the shadow and then brushing it on my cheeks. I've also been using Un-Veil as my brow powder to define my brows.

I will update you guys on my progress in a few months! Do you want to join the Pan that Palette Challenge? And what's your go to spring eyeshadow or eyeshadow palette?

Friday, May 1, 2015

L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Perfume EDT

I recently received the L'Occitane Pivoine Flora perfume in anticipation for their related skincare launch this summer. This perfume was released in 2010 and pays homage to the beautiful peony flower. When I think of L'Occitane, I always think skincare, so I was super excited to try out a perfume!

The bottle is in in a pink glass with engraved petals. The shape reminds me of an apple a bit more than a flower but the packaging overall is elegant and beautiful.

There is 75mL in the Eau de Toilette and retails for $55. The price is quite reasonable and is on the lower range of designer perfumes.

The top notes are: grapefruit and bergamot which gave a fruity and refreshing first sniff
The mid notes are: rose, and peony (The floral scent definitely comes through and unfolds softly)
The bottom notes are: musk and sandalwood (I'm not sure exactly what these smell like but I do notice after about 4 hours then it turns to a mostly natural skin scent)

The scent is not the most unique but I find it to be a great day time perfume for the spring/summer time! It's refreshing but also has substance. It's elegant bottles makes for a perfect Mother's Day gift too!

So on to the new release part of the line! There is a skincare collection called Pivoine Sublime and is due to release in June 2015. This is suppose to be a line of perfecting skincare products that features a peony extract from the Drome region of France.

The line up will feature items such as their Skin Perfector, CC Cream, Perfecting Mist, and Tinted Lip Balm. I'm a huge fan of light foundation especially in the summer so I'm really excited to try the CC cream. Also, doesn't the tinted lip balm remind you of the Fresh lip balms?

*Okay this slideshow is not the prettiest looking, but I wanted to experiment with it. Any suggestions for a good slideshow maker?*

What's your favorite line at L'Occitane? And what are you getting for Mother's Day present?!