Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Burn Better with Salt Spring Island Candles

I have always been a huge fan of candles. Something about the way the flame flickers and the scent that fills the room makes me want to light them up year round. I usually buy my candles from Bath and Body Works but recently I got the chance to try out candles from a local brand- Salt Spring Island Candle Company

Their natural and high quality candles have a vintage look and unique scents! I picked "Yoga" and "Hearth" to try out.

Ingredients: I love that the wax is made from Soy which is a renewable energy (eco-friendly). The soy wax is actually GMO free which is even better. The scents are created using essential oils and natural fragrance oils.

Pricing: Quite comparable to Bath and Body Works and other premium candles.
4oz - $8.50
8oz- $15.00
8oz milk bottle- $20.00

Scents: There are currently 8 scents with fun names like Fleur, Moustache, Pomander in their tin cans. There are additionally 4 scents based on warm drinks that are sold in milk bottles.

I can definitely notice that the scent is more natural and less up in your nose. My mom usually hates it when I burn the Bath & Body Works candles but she quite enjoyed when I burned the SSI candles.

*In this photo the wax didn't burn to the edge because my dad blew out the candle too early the previous time. It has since corrected itself and it burns fully to the edge.*

Hearth smells like an indoor campfire in the best way. It reminds me of old rich people sitting around and drinking whisky by the fireplace. It smells so good!

Yoga was interesting smelling. Maybe it's because I've never gone to a legit Yoga studio before, but I didn't imagine it would smell like this! I think this would be a great scent for meditation. It's very earthy and reminds me of temples. (Not that I ever go to one)

*I posted an instagram video about the burn of this being too strong and black smoke coming out. I trimmed the wick and it solved the problem! The owner also explained that the wick is made of cotton and small paper filaments and the smoke is not soot or lead!*

If you are looking to try out new scents or wanting to support local business, I'd definitely recommend checking out what's for sale at Salt Spring Island Candles. You can also find them on Facebook!

Where do you buy your candles from? What's your favorite type of scent?

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