Monday, June 22, 2015

Finish 5 By Fall TAG

Some of my favorite YouTube videos to watch are declutter series and seasonal pan projects. This year I rounded up some fellow Canadian Beauty Bloggers and we are attempting to do the Finish 5 by Fall Tag/Challenge.

1. Pick 5 items (extras are okay) that you want to try to use up
2. You have until the first day of fall- September 23, 2015 to make as much progress as you can
3. Make an update post about halfway through (optional) and a final reveal on September 23!
4. I'll be using #cbbfinish5 to track my progress, and I'd love for you to use the same!
5. Good luck and have fun! Hope you'll rediscover favorites or just clean out some space in your collection ;)

I will show you guys the items I picked as well as when I picked up the item if I can remember it. For the first five items, I will be tossing them at the end of the project if I don't finish it up! The three extras I have are items I'm going to work hard on using up but I will still keep if I don't finish it.

My Five Eight Items

1. Vicious Bakery Lipgloss- May 2014 so it hasn't been too long. I'm just halfway past it so hopefully use it up soon. It's a bit frosty so it's not the most flattering.

2. Buxom Lip Cream in White Russian- November 2014. It's still full but I'm excited to use it. The color is quite pale compared to my lip but I'm making it work.

3. Maybelline BB Cream- June 2014. I looovee this bb cream but it's only good for my summer skin color. It expires December of this year so I want to use it up this summer. I have about half left

4. Maybelline Great Lash Curl- Early 2014. I know I should really throw this out but it keeps on working! I opened it a while ago but haven't used it that much.

5. MAC Sheen Supreme in Asian Flower- May 2012. This is embarrassing it's 3 years old. It's a beautiful lilac but it needs to go after this summer.

6. Essence Gel Eyeliner- September 2014. Beautiful teal color. I haven't used this much but I want to see how much I can get through. And i love putting colorful liner on my lower lashline in the summer.

7. Abercrombie & Fitch Perfume 41- I don't remember how old this is but I want to use it up so I can try out some new scents! This is very "cool" smelling and reminds me of beach and boys haha.

8. Benefit Bella Bamba- May 2012. I can't believe I've had this for 3 years! I've barely made a dent! I definitely won't be finishing this product but maybe I can hit pan?! :O

Current Status
Where I am currently for the items I can mark!

If you are doing something similar definitely let me know and I'd be sure to follow your progress!

I'm so excited for some other Canadian Beauty Bloggers to join me! I tag the following people:

Alanna from Classy On the Run

Chelsea from Olive & Ivy

Sandra from Sandie's Stash

Maria from  Pink Petals

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