Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kiss Nail Art Kit Review and DIY

For those that know me, art is not a strong suit of mine. I love painting my nails, but most of the time it will be a solid color with a glitter overcoat on my accent finger. I've always wanted to try to do nail art with stones and decorations so I was really excited to try out the Kiss Nail Art Kits.

The larger one is the Kiss Salon Secrets Nail Art Pro Tool Kit and contains all the starter items you need to create beauiful nail art. The smaller kit is the Kiss Salon Secrets Luxe Accents Kit which contains 6 different types of decorations.

Kiss Salon Secrets Nail Art Pro Tool Kit ($16.99)- Since I don't have any other nail art tools per say, I really appreciated how this set put everything together and have all the essentials in one place.

-Nail Wheel & Holder: I love this! It comes with two sets so I can swatch my nail colors and practice designs on these. The middle of the pink holder also opens so you can plop a bottle of polish in it.
-Glue: The glue is really strong and you need to be careful it doesn't get on your fingers or it feels terrible for a couple of hours. But very effective!
-Charms & Jars: There are two bow charms that are adorable but too high (will discuss it later), the glitter is nice but it's quite messy so be careful. I like the jars and will definitely be re-using them!

-Sponge: I haven't used this yet but this is suppose to be for gradation looks. I think other makeup sponges would work too?
-Tweezers, Scissors, Pushing Stick: The tweezers were super helpful for picking up small charms. I didn't use the scissors yet and there was a duplicate of the pushing stick in the other set.

Overall I think it's worth it because I would have picked up the nail wheel, holder, nail glue, mixing jars, glitter, and tweezers separately if I wanted to get started in nail art. 

Kiss Salon Secrets Luxe Accents Kit ($6.99)- There are six different types of charms in this kit as well as a pushing stick. I really like the variety except the two bigger charms look really awkward and chunky. I feel like they would be TOO 3D on the nails and especially considering that I have smaller hands, it would just look funny. I do really like all three charms on the left side as well as the rainbow colored ones on the right side.

You can see what I mean here. The bow from the other kit as well as the sugar stone and marble stone just raise up too high.I feel like it would be inconvenient to wear that on my nails. The bow is sooo cute though! I might save these for other DIYs.

Super Easy Nail Art DIY

I used the glue to draw a semi circle towards the end of my nails. Using my tweezers I picked up these clear stones and placed them side by side creating a curve. I think this turned out looking really classy for something SUPER easy to do! The nail kit gave me the tools I needed to get started with nail art!

If you are interested in these, you can find these at Walmart and London Drugs as well as Target if you are in the states.

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