Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pan that Palette Update #1- Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette

A while ago, I did started a Pan that Palette challenge on my Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette. See the original post here. This post is my one month update as well as a review of the top row shades.

I'm posting this so I can keep track of my progress and hold myself accountable. And if this inspires some of you to pan a palette and use things up, that's even better!

What I started with...

One Month Progress- June 13, 2015

I hit pan on two shadows so I'm pretty excited!

Here's how I've been using the top row- it doesn't show as much progress but this is what I've been focusing on in the past few weeks.

Soulmates: I find this too shimmery for my eye so I use it as a cheek highlight! I use my fan brush and it adds a really nice glow to my skin. This color is extremely pigmented but the consistency is so soft and powdery to the point where it's too soft. If I use any denser brushes, a lot of powder would kick up.

My everyday eye look has been dipping into Un-Veil first to draw a wing with a liner brush. Then I use I Do with a bigger fluffy brush and use it all over my lids up to just above my "crease". These two colors are matte and the texture is the opposite as Soulmates. There's almost no powder kick up when I dip in my brush. Fantastic pigmentation and very blendable.

Of course, I'm still using Un-Veil for my brows too! It works really well.

So that's my status update. It's quite different from what's normally on blogs but I watch a lot of these kind of things on YouTube and wanted to document it on my blog. :D

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