Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pan that Palette Update #2- Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette

It's now been two months since I started using my Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette as part of a pan that palette project. Here is my original post and here is the first update.

Beginning and One Month Progress.

Let's see where I'm at now...

Two Month Progress- July 17, 2015

For this month, I was able to hit pan on (Soulmates) which I've been using daily as a face highlighter. Although I wasn't able to hit pan on I Do, I've been using the shade a lot all over the lid and the dent is definitely getting deeper.

Here is another view of the palette and you can see that Cut the Cake has also gone down a bit and I was trying to get the entire top part to hit pan.

For next month, I will be switching to more of a bronzey look and will start with Ever After on the outer part of my lid. Then I will blend it together with I Do in the middle and inner part of the lid. 

I will continue using Soulmates as a highlighter and Un-Veil as a brow powder.
I'm really hoping that I will be able to hit pan on I Do by next month!

This is the look that comes out of what I described above. Although with a bit more effort and also using some various shadows on the lower lashline.

Have you hit pan on eyeshadows? Make sure you link me if you are doing something similar!

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