Thursday, July 30, 2015

Purgo Detox Tea Review and Did it Work?

Recently I went on the 14 day program as part of Purgo Tea's teatox! Read on to see my thoughts and results. Did it work?

Background Info: To make things more relevant, I thought I'd share my background on health/fitness before diving into the tea. Throughout childhood and highschool, I've always been very active participating in tons of sports. However, once I got to university, there were no more school teams to be on and no more motivation to stay fit. It didn't really affect me throughout university but last summer I was constantly drinking pop at home and now I have a layer of flab I can't get rid of! I hate going to the gym but I am currently playing sports once a week and trying to do low impact at home exercises as well.

Goal: I mainly wanted to tighten my stomach area and hoped for 1/4 inch reduction around my waist. Weight loss was not a goal as I'm happy with my weight. To add to the 14 day detox program, I promised to cut out ALL pop intake for the period.

About Purgo Tea: The teas are made of all natural ingredients and claims to help you burn fat, reduce bloating, and to purify your body. The morning tea kick-starts your metabolism and adds energy. Th evening tea helps with digestion and gently purges toxins. The company is owned by Ben Robinson who founded Purgo Tea after he overcame his own health issues related to digestion.

Compared to other brands, this tea is suppose to be much more gentle on your body as many other tea toxes are based on laxatives. A lot of work was put into picking the right combination of ingredients and it's definitely packed full of nutritious items. 14 Day Program-$29.99/28 Day Program- $47.99

Morning Detox Tea: You drink this blend every day. It brews out a light pink and has a herbal tea (fruit infusion type) scent. There's no particular taste that jumped out at me. I felt that when I drank this, I felt less hungry after. 

Night Cleanse Tea: You drink this blend once every other day. It brews out a dark green and has a more sencha taste. For a tea that claims to purge toxins, it was very gentle. I didn't feel any need to run to the bathroom or stomach issues.

Both teas tasted decent and was gentle on the body. I felt calmed and relaxed when I drank these teas.

Results: So bad news first, I didn't loose any inches, I was still 26-3/4 for my waist. On the plus side, I felt way less bloated and my stomach felt way more toned! You know those mornings when you wake up and you just feel like you have abs? That's how I felt!

So overall, I'm not sure if the tea itself does anything but I was able to get the results I was hoping for! The tea was definitely the catalyst I needed to jumpstart some healthier choices in life. The following indirectly happened as a result of the tea tox:
1. Drinking the tea makes you drink more water aka flush out toxins
2. The 14 days gives you a time limit to set other health goals (ex. me not drinking pop)
3. I was so curious to see how the results would be that I avoided fried/oily foods

Since ending the 14 days, I've had a bit of a relapse (I sound like an addict) of pop and probably had it 3 times within a week whoops! I think I will try to set a realistic goal for myself for pop drinking as well as a workout plan. It really felt good waking up and feeling toned so I want to continue that. Remember that there's no "quick fix" to having the perfect body, you need to take it on a journey of eating right and being active.

The teas are a bit expensive but I think would be great if you are struggling to take that first step into changing your lifestyle! It definitely helped keep me on track and start eating healthier!

To get an extra 5% off, use the code "raincouverteatox" at check out.

What are your thoughts on teatoxes? And how do you keep yourself fit and healthy?

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