Thursday, July 2, 2015

RK Designs- Necklace & Earrings Review

I am a huge fan of dainty jewelry especially those with a witty twist to it. I'm the type to wear one piece of jewelry every single day for months. In highschool/university, I loved the designs that Blue Ruby carried but often their selection overwhelmed me. I've been taking a closer look at local designers and one that I've been loving is RK Designs from Vancouver Island.

I received the following two items to review and style!

Necklace- Polar Bear with Quartz Chain

How fun is this?! I love myself a long necklace to accessorize a plain tee or dress. The polar bear on this chain just makes it so much better! I really liked the addition of the quartz on the side of the chain as it gives it more of a designer look versus the many animal pendants at Aldo.

The chain is a gold plated brass chain and the bear pendant is also brass. You can see some pressing done on the brass to make the fur look more realistic.

The material and craftsmanship is of a high quality. I can see that hooks and closures are tightly twisted to ensure nothing breaks apart. I didn't find any nicks or bumps in the plating or the chain.

I wanted to show the difference adding a necklace makes to an outfit! You can see it adds a lot more interest and elongates the frame.

Mixed Stone Earrings

I've also been on the hunt for some nice hook earrings and these caught my eyes. These are made of moonstone, chrysocolla, and chalcedony briolette. The hooks are made of gold plated brass.

My ears are really sensitive and I'm happy to say I didn't have any issues wearing this! At first I thought the earring was going to be too heavy, but they were actually very comfortable to wear.

The stones varies in color and slightly in shape. One of the stones has a slight crack throughout. I asked the owner about it and she said that it's part of the asethics of the stone and that they are suppose to be imperfectly perfect. I think it still looks nice and adds to the authenticity of the look, but I did want to let you guys know!

Overall I'm very happy with the quality, design, and price of these pieces! I will definitely be wearing the earrings on a daily basis and using the necklace to amp up any of my plain shirts/dresses! The earrings retail for $30 and the necklace for $35.

Which design do you like best? What's your favorite place to buy jewelry?

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