Sunday, July 5, 2015

Support Pride with Fabulous Nails

I was recently contacted to share the news of Pride Nails which is a collaboration between Incoco Nails and the Vancouver Pride Society.

The Vancouver Pride Society is a non-profit that supports the LGBTQ2+ community and produces inclusive events such as the Pride Parade and Festivals. The proceeds from this fundraiser goes towards the "Pride Legacy Fund" which is providing scholarships and support for the youth in the communities.

As you might have heard, USA recently legalized same sex marriage in all states! It's huge news and I think it's an important cause to support. I was not paid to promote this but I did get a set of nail stickers to review. I wanted to share with you guys as I feel like they are trying to do something worthwhile!

The nail sticker has a chic white base and a triangle design with rainbow colors. I think the design reflects the fundraiser quite well. The nails retail for $14.95 and there's free shipping in Canada.

The application was relatively easy and the nail strip is much thinner than other brands I've tried. I was able to create pretty good looking manicures on my left hand. They've lasted 5 days so far without any peeling! My right hand was not as successful and three fell off after the second day. I also found the nail stickers "dried up" and became more brittle so when I tried to use the left over ones for a second application, it was much more difficult.

The trick is to pick a size that's slightly smaller than your finger tip so there's less bunching and possibility of the edges catching onto something and coming off. The stickers are quite a bit pricer than what I would normally pay but just keep in mind the proceeds are going towards fundraising.

If this is a cause that you are interested in supporting, I think the nail stickers are a great way to give back but also get something cool in return.

*The middle nail is using another one of Incoco Nail's designs*

You can find these online on Pride Nails or at one of the local Pride events in the upcoming months. And this year's Pride Parade will be held on August 3rd!

What do you think of these designs? And what are your favorite non-profits to support?

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