Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review of THEFACESHOP Masks

I was really excited to try out some of THEFACESHOP Face Masks as the brand is well known for their skincare. I love sheet masks and I always stock up on them when I'm in Asia. THEFACESHOP has a huge selection of face masks starting at $2 and I've been using one each Saturday for the past three weeks. Read on for my review and thoughts!

Real Nature Face Mask- Aloe $2

Aloe  is a very popular skincare ingredient, so it's no surprise that THEFACESHOP created a mask featuring this ingredient. This mask is suppose to soothe and hydrate sensitive skin.

Scent: There's a very light  smell, and I found it fresh and "fruity". I really enjoyed it!

There's a bit of cooling when you first put it on and it's very relaxing! It's especially good during the summer months when it's hot. During the winter time, you might want to cuddle up with a blanket.

Fit of Mask: This mask was a pretty typical sheet mask. It has the cloth type of material with the serum infused. The mask was a bit big for me and extended a bit down my neck and over my hair lines. But it was able to cover all of my face.

Result: My skin felt very nourished! However, there must have been a lot of product as it left my skin a bit greasy. But a few hours later, it's feeling nice and smooth so you need to give it time to settle in.

Real Nature Face Mask- Mung Bean $2

Contrary to Aloe, I have never heard of a Mung Bean before this, and much less for skincare. This is suppose to be a clarifying mask to purify and smooth skin.

Scent: There's a very light fresh scent but nothing distinct. Once I put the mask on, I couldn't really smell anything. There is also a cooling sensation due to the serum. Very relaxing!

Fit of mask:  Same as the Aloe, the mask was a bit big for my face but I do have a pretty small face.

Result: After using it, my face felt nourished and plump! It felt like I had a lot of nutrients fed back into the skin but weirdly my skin didn't feel that smooth. 

Hydro Gel VITA B $3

This mask is using the Hydrogel technology, but I had no idea what that meant at first. When I opened it up, the mask was so slipper that it fell into my sink! I put it on my face anyways ;)

Scent: There's a very light fresh scent but nothing distinct. Once I put the mask on, I couldn't really smell anything as well.

Fit of mask? There are two pieces, a top and a bottom and that really helped the fit. I like how the mask didn't extend past my chin. The texture of the mask is quite different, on one side it's a slipper gel feel and on the other it's stitching. The fit of this was much better than normal sheet masks for me. Although the

Result: Skin felt firm and supple.  I did feel a bit sticky and tight towards the end but I think I might have left it on for too long so that there was no extra serum left.

I really enjoyed this mask!! It was extremely relaxing, the fit of the mask was wonderful and my skin felt very smooth after!

Overall, these are such good value for what you get! Considering Sephora sheet masks are usually $8+ each, these are so much worth while. I've used lots of sheet masks from Asia and usually I do it for the relaxation. I think only the Vita B Hydrogel Mask helped in the sense of skin care while the other two was good for an at home spa pampering session! 

I'd definitely recommend you to try this out as it's so nice to relax with a sheet mask on Saturday mornings especially when it's only $2! If you're wondering where to find them, I've seen THEFACESHOP in Richmond Center, Pacific Center, and Metrotown if you are in the Vancouver area. You can also browse their products online.

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