Saturday, September 5, 2015

Aritzia Warehouse Sale Haul & Recap

I have not done a haul post for soooo long! I've been trying to be on a buying ban although I've still been shopping here and there. I was joking with my friend that if I don't post it on my blog, then it didn't happen.

But there's always a ton of questions going around on whether the line ups and the craziness of the Aritzia Warehouse Sale is worth it. So I thought I'd share what I bought, the sizes available (September 4, 2nd day of the sale) and some other thoughts. Excuse the lackluster photography, I wanted to get this post up ASAP.

Issac T-shirt in Legion
Size S
$19.99- REG $65

Barthelemy Blouse in Milk
Size M
$39.99- REG $110
I bought this for my mom, I have the exact same in XS.

Portobello Blouse in Oak
Size XS
$19.99- REG $55

Chouette Skirt in Black
Size XS
$19.99- REG $75

Flaubert Sweater
Size XS
$39.99- REG $95

Line Up- I went with my friend on September 4 and got there around 10:15am. The line looked quite long as it stretched the entire downstairs. However the line moved quickly and were in by 10:35. The wait was only 20 minutes.

Change Room- Similar to last years, the change room is communal and it's just craziness. But wear a tank if you want to try on tops and you can pull skirts over top of your leggings. There would be times where there's a line up to get into the change room, so I found some girls just started changing in the open. Throw your self consciousness away before you enter!

Sizes- At the front there were a lot of winter coats for sale, but those are mostly M and L. I was able to find XS/S here and there but it's definitely scarce. If you are looking for a specific style in a small size, I think you'd be disappointed. Cardigans were SO HARD to find! Quite a bit of skirts, dresses, jeans, and tops. If you are just looking for a good deal, you'll definitely be able to find something in your size. 

Prices- As you can see above the prices are all quite good and over 50% discount! Considering the quality, cut, and regular price, I'd say they are all good finds! Some other items I've noticed
Winter Coats- $179.99
Maverick Jackets- $49.99
Cotton Tanks/Tees- $9.99
Silky Blouses- $39.99 (usually)
Lipinski Dresses- $19.99
Oakwood Dresses- $39.99
Dress Pants- $29.99-$39.99

Good luck out there! Let me know if you also hauled something!

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